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Thursday , July 25 2024

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10 Free Cloud Management & Monitoring Tools

10-Free-Cloud-Management-&-Monitoring-ToolsEvery organization today is using the cloud platform for managing their data and information. As it is easy to access, secure and handy, the cloud platform has become one of the important parts of any organization. This also made it necessary for organizations now to keep a program that can manage, monitor and track these platforms.

Here is a list of the most popular and efficient cloud management platforms which are available for free.

Product Details
appscale AppScale is an open source application that can be quickly deployed on Amazon web services, Google Cloud Platform, or any other public/ private/ or hybrid cloud. This platform allows the coders to focus on the business logic, rather than the back-end programming.
openstock Vector Open Stock is one of the most efficient open source and free cloud management tools. Having an extensive resource for training and documentation, this tool also facilitates easy learning for the beginners. Powered by a well-organized GUI dashboard, this tool lets you quickly switch between various features and friendly environment.
openshift OpenShift is an application from Red Hat which is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that allows developers to quickly develop, host and scale applications in the cloud environment. This platform offers you options for online, on-premise and open source project options.
docker Docker is a lightweight and secure platform best for distributed applications ideal for developers and system admins. The application is all about to develop, Ship and Run. The application runs on all platforms including Linux and Microsoft Windows.
screen-shot-2015-12-17-at-3-07-51-pm Eucalyptus is a perfect application for Linux-based architecture. Best for private and hybrid cloud computing environments this can increase agility, improve data governance, lower costs developing pooling computation, storage and networking.
cloudfoundry Origannly developed by VMware; it is an open source cloud management platform. Cloud Foundry application provides speed, simplicity, and control to the organizations to design and deploy the application.
apachemesos Mesos is one of the best Linux based open source architecture that provides just a different level of abstraction. It offers some of the powerful features such as linear scalability, high availability, cross-platform, two-level scheduling, and much more.
appvito Apptivo is a robust platform that works in project management, timesheets, CRM, inventory, and much more. This is the best platform that can operate as an entrepreneur or a small company with 100-200 employees.
gosuite Go! Suite is a platform that helps small businesses such as dance studios and beauty parlors book appointments and services, manage customers as well as promote deals on the company website.
officebooks Manufactured by LightMachinary, Office Books is an application to themselves operate industrial-laser and precision- optics business. This in-house product expanded into a cloud toolbox helping other organizations handle their business activities


These are the applications that have become essential for businesses today. They serve not only security but also helps in managing the workflow of the organization.

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