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Friday , May 24 2024

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10 Tools and Services to Get PR for Your Startup

10-Tools-and-Services-to-Get-PR-for-Your-StartupNo matter you have started a business or going to launch one, you must build PR to reach growth. Startups struggle the most while spreading awareness of their business among the audience and this is why this gradual process takes their valuable efforts. However, some tools and services help you to generate PR for your business.

Some tools are free of cost, and some allow you to take competitive benefits.  The competition between companies is very tight, and if you lack in PR, it will lead you to fall behind rivals. To make PR accessible and achievable, you can take help from some incredible tools and services. Here are the ten tools to get PR for your startup:

Product Details
 prweb PRWeb is a press release platform that eases your work of creating and distributing news. All you need to do is provide a unique angle to cover your interesting story and leave the rest to the services. The features such as track your news and mass distribution are fascinating.
 haro-help-a-reporter-out HARO uses a different way to make you connect through PR. It sends you three emails per day that can be relevant to your knowledge and experience. When you find an equal opportunity, tailor your pitch for journalists by following the directions. The interested writer will contact you and write the information provided by you.
 muck-rack Muck Rank is a great platform for finding a right journalist. With the tool, you can search a with keywords and media types, get email notifications for tweets matching search terms and find who is sharing content and relevant articles. You have to be cautious while fetching information during the signup process.
 meltwater Meltwater provides more advanced tools than others do. The most usable and fine shaped tool is media monitoring through which you can join the real-time conversation over editorials, blogs, and social media. The best thing about the tool is that you can track your competitors as well.
 coverage-book Coverage book lets you create high-quality reports that you can share with your team and potential clients. The tool boasts automated features for generating reports such as automated screenshots, custom appearance, automated metrics, and storage.
 anewstip Anewstip is a tool that helps you find relevant journalists and media contacts. All you need to do search for your terms and it will come with the results of media contacts who published or tweeted about that terms. You can fetch brand, competitor, or keyword of your interest to have access through billions of media contacts.
 logo_google_alerts Google alerts tool has always been a nifty tool for tracking the topics that interest you. The free tool sends you email notifications every time it finds new results. You can set alerts for top keywords, competitors, or your brand name.
 mention Mention is an awesome tool that keeps track of who said your business or keyword. It lets you know what conversation mentions you and enables you to jump into the conversation, whether it is social media or a blog. The best thing is that you can find top relevant influencers.
 duct-tape Duct tape marketing instant press release helps you to create your press release. It saves you time and lets you create an engaging press release. All you need to do is use press release creator tool. The best thing is its plugin approach and no need to download.
 cision Cision is a must-have tool for those who like to use software applications and run an effective PR campaign. The tool allows you for advanced distribution of press release and provides tools for tracking performance and mentions. With Cision, you can monitor across various platforms such as social media, print and online media, and daily news.


Every startup likes to be ahead of rivals and find ways to grow. PR is an excellent way to achieve it because a good PR is a symbol of success. These tools and services allow you to keep up your business as well as your reputation on the go.

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