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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Augmented and Virtual Reality Vie for Investment – Who is the winner?

Augmented-and-Virtual-Reality-Vie-for-Investment – Who-is-the-winnerThe world witnessed a whole new experience with Virtual Reality in the year 2015. With its boom in the market, the major investors loosened their wallets. The investments reached $700 million in the beginning and touched an enormous amount of $700 million, and as the year 2017 comes to the close, the figures are expected to reach $1 billion.

Virtual Reality is also a technology that came up with new advancements such as better hardware, mobile applications, and other technology enhancements to improve its performance. Counting on the overall adaptability, Virtual Reality has many road-blockers that pull down its progress in the market.


The development and manufacturing of the Virtual Reality products are expensive, and therefore, the prices are high. Although the market demand for the VR products is high, its acceptance rate is still struggling. Google cardboard was a solution to this problem providing nearly similar experience as HTC or Oculus but failed to emulate their experience.

Limited Consumer Centric

VR was initially designed and brought in the market only for the gamers. This made majority of sales pitched to only such consumers. This factor also made it narrow down its popularity and use in this sector only apart from the other smartphone users.

Along with the Virtual Reality, the new and trending technology that came up is AR. This technology is making its place passively and increasingly. The main factors that are making it one of the most popular Virtual environment are:

Easily Available

Pokimon Go is one of the most popular AR gaming apps. People widely downloaded and used this app all over the globe. This app experienced a massive number of downloads crazy reviews. The thing that made this technology most lucrative was its easy availability.

Easy on Wallets

Cost Effectiveness is another factor of Augmented Technology. The applications are either or have nominal charge making it affordable to everyone. This is the most powerful attention-grabbing factor for the market.

The Bottom Line

Augmented technology has emerged as a recent step ahead of the Virtual Reality. This technology came up with some exciting features such as 3D emails, text messages and photos. AR is accessible more and more in smartphones, breaking the boundary of the target audience and bringing it to every user.

The Augmented Technology is also a wise investment for the future looking forward to its widespread use, its flexibility and its ease of use and pocket-friendly features.

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