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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Autobidder- Buying and Selling of Used Cars Made Easy

Autobidder- Buying-and-Selling-of-Used-Cars -Made-Easy logoAutobidder is an automotive startup dealing in buying and selling of used cars. The company is operating through its unique two distinct auction channels to carry out C2B and B2B transactions. The team is using technology to find the best cars for people at their prices.

Autobidder is Indore based startup that is giving the used car market a new definition. The company has its own unique live auction method to make sales for its cars. The company uses the technology to find out the market demands of the vehicles. Technology also helps the car owners to find the best buyers and for their dream car. For this, Autobidder has its online platform. This platform offers best prices that lie in their budget and with transparent conditions.

The basic idea behind this startup is to stop the car owners going from dealer to dealer to sell their cars or buy used cars. The company has its well-trained inspection team that prepares an unbiased inspection report of the car that is ready to go for an auction. The company works with its channel partners and does the complete paperwork along with the RTO requirements and closes the deal-making instant payments to the customers.

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Once a customer buys a car, they can participate in company’s online live auctions in the current or future sales that the company conducts to buy or sell cars. The company aims to become a one-stop scientific console where you can bid on second-hand cars that are certified by the experts. Not only you can buy a car here, but also, you can sell a car at a right price after making it go through a quality check.

The Autobidder works with a mission to ease the process of buying and selling cars easier. The startup is enabling people to buy some of the best and top performance vehicles at the most affordable prices.

About the Founder

Rahul Sao, with a prior experience in dealing with car selling the business, started this venture. He was already working with a premium car detailing and reselling business in the UK before moving to India. He founded the company Autobidder after having a total seven years of experience in auto trade business. His previous venture operated collectively in UK and India. The idea of laying the foundations of Autobidder came to his mind when he was working on the project of 385 flood auctions. He also participated in some car auctions at this time. The founders very well understand the fact that Indian buyers are not very comfortable to buy second-hand vehicles. The reason behind this is their doubt about the quality of the product and its performance after they buy it.

The Bottom Line

 The gap that Autobidder intended to fill in was of the mindset of Indians regarding the second-hand vehicle quality and performance. It is operational in Indore, Madhya Pradesh with a company center that is life for car inspections. Autobidder also have their website and a mobile application to help you find your next dream car.

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