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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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How Social Media Shares Influences Organic Search Engine Ranking?

How-Social-Media-Shares-Influences-Organic-Search-Engine-RankingIt is understandable if you are wondering and making a correlation between your activities on social media and search engine ranking. Also, if Google was not using the social share count within the search algorithm, there would be surely some way in which social shares and organic rankings make a connection.

There is another related fact, which says that those articles and post that rank more will drive more share counts. Therefore, how is the post getting more shares and what is a relation between ranking and social share counts?

Perhaps, Google made an explicit declaration that it does not count Facebook, Twitter and other social media shares for the ranking factor; however, there are many other benefits of social sharing in SEO. Here, we have come up with an answer for how does a social share and ranking makes a relation.

The Game of Engagement

We might look forward to wrong social metrics, and thus, it requires focusing on total participation rates rather than just the number of shares. The social engagement rate determines the unique number of people who saw your update, click on it, or shared it. Thus, the social post, which receives a high number of social engagement rate, will lead to a significant number of shares. The content which receives average click-through rates on the organic search will have a higher rank.

Furthermore, it is evident that correlation exists between social engagement rates and the organic CTRs. The relationship makes sense in the existence of excellent content and vice-versa. Hence, the correlation is substantially weaker for the case of not so good content. It makes a conclusion that the results fluctuate, as sometimes it is higher engagement rates and sometimes lower. However, one thing which is confident that social engagement and organic click through rates are co-dependent. What about the real success? If people are engaging, it is a clear sign that algorithms are showing the relevant information. If people are not engaging, the internal audit will seek for better content.

It is important to understand that if a substance of content does not create engagement, then it will not get much reach on social channels. Therefore, if Google does a search, it will show the top rated, and best results. CTR provides a clue to Google that it is providing the best result in a substantially right order.

I think now it can make relevance for organic ranking and social shares. Facebook is learning the same algorithm by making virtuous cycle which starts when a regular post gets shares and comments.  Facebook then makes it reach which increases the visibility.

Possible Actions to Increase Share on Social Media

Make efforts to turn your best organic content into social stuff and vice-versa. When your content is unique and makes places at a high level, will indicate that it is likely earning more money and rank at the top on a search engine. Conversely, if your content is winning more holds a chance to get higher organic rank for the particular topic.

The Bottom Line

Now, it is quite clear that not the numbers of shares are something that matters. Rather, it is about the engagement rates. Thus, Facebook ads, news feed, and Google search are having governance by machine learning system which collectively rewards engagement with higher visibility.

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