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Monday , June 24 2024

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Eckovation- Artificial Intelligent Education Mentor startup

Eckovation- Artificial-Intelligent-Education-MentorThe educational startup Eckovation is incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in their product to make it smart.

Ritesh Singh and Akshat Goel founded Eckovation in 2015. They both are graduates from IIT- Delhi. The product is an open-school community and social learning mobile app platform. The objective behind is to bridge the gap between teachers, parents, and students to help them interact effectively with a mobile device.

Ritesh says that they are excited and continuing the use of AI. They believe that the future of education system is immense through AI technology.


The company has collaborated with Ola cabs and Collins India publishing house. On one hand, Ola cabs are using the platform for driver families, on the other hand, Collins India is leveraging the tool to engage teachers in their network. Teachers are enrolling themselves in the app to contribute towards a quality education. The firm is also running a campaign called #ITeachIndia. They invited teachers across various regions to contribute to the platform.


They are implementing innovations to improve the app. The app has plugins and functions that help a student to prepare for admissions. For teachers, they are providing new analytics tool, which helps them to gain insights to explaining the students.

Eckovation platform allows students or a person to learn from wise mentors and excellent teachers from not only India but Japan, US, and Netherlands as well. The firm unleashes the education power by breaking the limit where one tends to study within a region or sort of boundary. Education is all about “beyond knowledge” and so the company is available socially to achieve it.

Future Scope

According to the firm, the company is serving more than 57000 users with nearly 15 lakh message exchange. The company is focusing on to improve their data and logical sector. Their existing analytics provide insights and suggestions to the group admins of the app that helps them to improve the quality level of educational content. They are into upgrading their machine learning process so that users would make smart choices by themselves through the app.

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