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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- Zarget

Technology-Tools-product-review-zargetAny business big or small which aims to develop the tool inevitably invests money and efforts on its website of activities. A website is a representation of the firm online and the better it is maintained and taken care of, the better it will take care of your business. An optimized website can generate significant results for a business and also projects the manager’s interest towards developing the business.

Many companies, for this purpose, takes help of tools or other ventures to optimize or look after their website. There are a lot of measures a team takes to optimize a site such as A/B Testing, Heatmaps, Split URL Testing, Clickmaps, Targeting, Analytics, and Reporting, etc.

With Zarget, you do not need to worry about taking help from a third party as almost all the processes are carried out in just one login.

Editions and Pricing

The tool offers a 30-day free trial and up to 5000 visitors free. The subscription option offered costs $30 per month with an annual commitment and with a $35 per month, no commitment with 10,000 monthly visitors. The other add-on plans are as follows:

$35 5000 visitors credit
$50 10,000 visitors credit
$90 20,000 visitors credit
$180 50,000 visitors credit
$300 100,000 visitors credit

Where the credits are valid for six months

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Zarget-DashboardThe Zarget Dashboard
As soon as you login into the Zarget account, the extension code appears. You need to add this to your website for Zarget to work. Then you can see your Zarget dashboard where the team provides a sample experiment. You can start creating your experiments from here.


Zarget-A-BTestingA/B Testing
Zarget performs A/B testing where the comparison between two versions of a web page is made to identify which one performs better. For this, all you need to do is to create an example and select A/B testing. Add the URL to which you want to perform testing.



Zarget-SplitURLSplit URL
Split URL testing helps you to test multiple versions of your website which is hosted on different URLs. It allows you to distribute traffic among various ULRs of the same web page. You can add and compare more than one URL’s here.



Zarget-Heatmaps and ClickmapsHeatmaps and Clickmaps
You can determine you webpage’s or landing page’s engagement with the audience via Heatmaps and Clickmaps. They are one of the best measures one can take to gauge the performance of your web content. For this experiment, select the heatmaps and clickmaps option from the create menu and add your URL. The feature only works if the Zarget code is installed in your tools and extension in the Chrome browser.


Zarget-TheExperimentMenuThe Experiments Menu
The All Experiments menu on the top panel of the dashboard gives access to all your tests which are created or carried out. The menu shows the categories such as:


  • All
  • A/B testing
  • Split URL
  • Heatmaps

Zarget-AllStatusMenuThe All Status Menu
The Zarget all status menu from the dashboard shows and filters experiments based on their current status such as:

  • All
  • Running
  • Draft
  • Paused, and
  • Archived


Zarget-TheSearchOptionThe search Option
Zarget let you search experiments if you are unable to find them at the top display list. Just type in the name of the test in the search box provided at the dashboard, and it will show a list of all the relevant experiments. This feature makes it a lot easier to browse through the tool and access your tests.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool is unavailable on mobile devices, although it is expecting to launch apps for Android and iOS versions soon.


The tool provides extension codes for your website as well as Chrome extensions to help the tool perform all the experiments you want to carry out.


The tool offers support right inside the dashboard to the users such as Contact Support, Knowledge Base, FAQ and even Twitter updates. The tool is also flexible to adopt user feedback and thus you can also send feedback to the product right inside the dashboard.

Pros and Cons of Zarget


  • The tool integrates all the testing practices at a single platform hence now you don’t need a third party for this job.
  • The application is highly intuitive and easy to use.
  • The tool can perform testing for you without the need of any technical expertise as an input.


  • The tool is only compatible with Google Chrome web browser.

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  • Almost all types of testing can be performed through this application without the need for any technical expertise.
  • Every step and feature of the application have an introductory message about the working model.

For more details, please visit  Zarget website.

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