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Sunday , July 14 2024

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10 Social Media Selling Solutions for Small Businesses 

10-Social-Media-Selling-Solutions-for-Small-Businesses Small businesses are often unable to splurge on marketing. It is a social media platform that serves this purpose for them with its powerful, easy, and free access. With the help of available fancy social tools, small businesses can leverage the benefits of social platforms without spending much. Following are the ten social media selling solutions helpful for small businesses:

Product Details
Olapic Olapic is a tool that allows you to sell your Instagram posts to the customers. The app serves two functionalities; one is Tapshop that links the photos to the product page and another to organize social campaigns for better audience engagement called as Scheduler. Within the app with the help of analytics, you can easily track what works and what does not regarding performance and conversions of your product.
soldsie Turn your Instagram and Facebook accounts into sales channel using Soldsie. For Instagram selling platform, all you have to do is to place a unique URL – have2have.it/your store in your bio so the followers can shop your posts. It converts the feed into a shoppable version of Instagram. For Facebook, the tool uses comments as the path to shopping items. Adding a comment under a post will automatically add the item to the shopping cart of the customer.
shopial The Shopial app makes it possible to sell your Facebook and Pinterest photos directly. It will take pictures of these channels and advertise them through Shopial integrated e-commerce platforms including Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and Magento.
Inselly Use the Instagram hashtags in a different way with Inselly. Under the photo you liked, type #soldtome and inselly automatically will send a link to you for checking it out. The user after uploading the picture have to add #inselly tag along with the inselly login to store the product description for the users to make it accessible.
beetailer Besides your e-commerce platform, make your product visible through the popular Facebook page. Beetailer is an expert doing so; it allows the user to sale his e-commerce products on the Facebook page too, reaching more customers. Beetailer includes campaigns and analytics for smart solutions.
chirpify Chripify uses action tags referring to various campaign tags and make them available to purchase across diverse social platforms. Customers can find interesting action tags on multiple channels and can post them on social media for participating in the campaign offers and product purchases.
Heyo Creating Facebook campaigns without any code is the specialty of Heyo tool. It offers you to design a campaign with a drag and drop feature. It’s pre-made templates allow a user to create customized content campaigns for sweepstakes, photo contests and more.
Poshmark Similar to Facebook and Instagram, but with own social marketplace Poshmark is a place to explore for online purchases. The app takes product image with its description as the input to make it available. There are social media options including comment, follow, and like for the customers along with a buy button for direct purchase.
Facebook for business A sure shot app to serve the best Facebook campaign is Facebook For Business. It helps in creating Facebook pages with selected purchased ads and Facebook integration on your website or app. Analytics are also provided by it for measuring campaign performance. It is an excellent tool for brand awareness, targeting more customers, and generating sales of a product.
Pinterest for business Apart from a regular user, a business too can leverage the Pinterest platform by using its dedicated business version. Business can add a pin it button, which will make it possible for the followers to track the pricing and description of the products they pinned using the button. It is helpful to increase followers, drive traffic, and sales growth through referral pins from users.


These are some of the selling tools to grasp compelling visions of the social world for promoting businesses in faster and most trusted way.

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