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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Lumos tried to turn the concept of Home Automation into Reality

The-story-of-LumosInternet of Things and smart machines is all what is talked about now a days. With smart machines now able to learn from their surroundings, Scientists and technicians are working hard to use IoT’s to make everyday life simpler. The IoT basically comprises of the machines that tend to learn from their environment observing the behaviors of people and their interactions, expectations and reactions towards the machines they use every day.

Electricity being the major part of everyday lives of people, is one of the aspects Lumos deals with. Lumos uses technology for switches at homes, malls, offices, any and every area to observe people’s behaviors towards the electrical appliances and tries to optimize their use to save power in the best possible way.

These switches were connected through the internet to observe people’s behavior to automate the electrical appliances at homes. The vision behind developing Lumos was, that the switches will learn and personalize electrical appliances to be used.

With all the hard efforts put together by a team of three experts, the first prototype, which automated lights was developed in the short duration of 45 days by Lumos. The next inline hardware product automated lights, fans, AC’s and water heaters was soon out in the market in the next month.

What it is all about

Data Security
Data Security is taken to be the foremost priorities, here at Lumos. The company ensures complete security of data very seriously with keeping the conversations and communication through the super secure http protocol. Every data is encrypted before it is stored at the server. Additionally to keep systems safe, the developers ensure that any data older than a few hours is removed from the main memory and stored separately.

Ambient sensing
One of the best features of Lumos switches is the Ambient Sensing. This feature allows the devices to measure the exact conditions around the users and based on the conditions such as temperature, light intensities, humidity, makes the environment more comfortable. Multiple sensors are installed to serve this purpose keeping the cost low.

Self-Learning led to personalization of the widgets and appliances around us with Internet Of Things. Catering to this, Lumos Switches are intelligent enough to take decisions on preset factors, not only this, they can now also learn from users to understand their behavior and preferences. A Lumos Switch uses less than a few MBs of data a month, translate it and process it to about 70 switches in a home. This data is comparatively very low with the amount of data a mobile uses to update its app on a regular basis. The time to transmit data with Lumos Switches was less than a few milliseconds among the devices. Lumos switches were even able to learn how to change temperatures of the A.C and fan intelligently.

Home Automation
Home Automation is the term most talked about when it comes to machine learning. Although it was a challenging task at the beginning to achieve as most of the devices did not have Wi-Fi routers and the only method to connect the devices to one another through the internet was a wired connection. This is however, not an issue in the present time as well in the near future as most of the homes have connected through Wi-Fi. Other than this, another reason that is driving homes to be automated is the cheap technology hardware and the use of cloud technology to store data and instructions. Cheap cloud storage is also one of the major reasons that is pushing the homes to be automated in the present scenarios’.

The Bottom Line

With technology getting higher each day and better cloud storage capacities, it has resulted in quick implementation of complex learning algorithms. All in all, Home automation today has everything that it needs from technology to soon become a reality.

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