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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top CRM Tools Product Review- Salesfully

CRM-Tools-Product-review- salesfullySalesfully which is top CRM tool which allows the marketing professionals to connect to the market leads. It gives direct access to unlimited business contacts. It allows you to contact with around forty-five million business leads and two hundred million consumer leads in a fraction of time. The product helps you find and manage the clients in a single platform. It allows you to manage your sales team more effectively.

It has a robust business and consumer database and helps you find targeted clients. It helps the users enhance their performance in consumer marketing and B2B (business to business) marketing.

Editions and Pricing

Salesfully provides a 5 day free trial version. The cost for per individual per month is $25. For enterprises to register for multiple users, the enterprises need to contact the team. The difference between an individual and enterprise level subscription is that the enterprise level is given 24 hour phone and chat support and provides sales coaching and consulting.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The first screen that shows up when the users log in is the dashboard. It shows the recent task and activity performed.



product_review_salesfully_contactsContact Management
Users can add and manage all their contacts, clients and customers. It also allows the user to place calls, email contacts and add them to calendar. The platform allows you to add even the social network details like skype id, facebook id and twitter id.


product_review_salesfully_new_taskMy Tasks
View the task list and its details like, start date, end date, progress and the user. You can add new task, edit them or delete them.



product_review_salesfully_leadsFind Leads
Easy to find and contact the consumer and business leads, based on the location and other search filters specified.



Salesfully allows the users to export the list of contacts and leads to an excel sheet in the real time. On clicking the export icon the list is converted into a excel sheet and downloaded automatically.


Mobile Accessibility

Salesfully does not have any mobile applications but the users can still use the mobile browser.


Salesfully uses skype to make calls and Gmail to send email. It uses Google calendar to add important dates on a calendar.


Salesfully has a help center with FAQ’s and video tutorials. The users can raise their question on twitter by tweeting on their twitter account or users can create a support ticket to get help.

Pros and Cons of Salesfully


  • Finding and managing business contacts on the same platform.
  • The client or customer contacts can be exported to excel sheet.
  • The contacts or list of leads can be printed from the platform.
  • Shows the location of the contacts on google maps.


  • Can export maximum of 2000 leads in a single stretch.
  • Shows error while uploading a profile picture.
  • Can add contacts with empty details about the contact.

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Salesfully acts as a platform to contact and manage business clients on a single platform. It allows you to find new leads within fraction of seconds with a minimal cost for 25$.

For more details, please visit: Salesfully website.

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