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Monday , June 24 2024

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The Fall and Rise of Amplience

The-Fall-and-Rise-of-AmplienceAmplience helps e-commerce business and focuses on easing the work of marketing and e-commerce team by creating a single platform that can help the teams to manage and deploy the content types across all the channels. They work with most of the retailers and develop the platform to overcome their channels and help them improve in online channels.


It was a regular day when James Brooke, founder of Amplience was sleeping in his office and was waiting to leave to the pub with his colleagues. There was little to do and he was wondering about selling a solution to a boutique.

He then slowly realised that he should platformize the solution which would lead him to success. He knew nothing about it and understood that this process would involve learning about Software as a Service. He understood that service would be the key criteria for the business.

Growth Hurdles

In 2011, the count of founders reduced from four to two and the count of 20 staffs reduced to 11. This required them to re-pitch everything and re-build the technology. The biggest mistake that Brooke believes he made was hiring the people he knew without looking out for the best people in the market.

The Rise After the Fall

Having started Amplience, Brooke sought funds to back it up. But the other investors were clueless like Brooke had been. Nobody understood how to succeed as a SaaS. They were all going wrong. It was at that time when Brooke found Octopus, a tech-focused venture capital firm. It referred Brooke to Bessemer Venture’s library of White papers on the topic. Those white papers served as a Bible to them. They followed it, learned new concepts and slowly found how to grow and succeed as a SaaS.

Business Growth

One of the biggest achievements of the company is breaking into the US marketplace and winning leading brands like Theory Helmut Lang, Panasonic North America, Tom Ford, Vince Camuto and Marc Jacobs! The company has clients from Europe and North America. The company is focussing on increasing their clients in Europe and are heavily investing in the North America. The company has forecasted its revenue to be around 20 million pound in next three years. The company believes that Apple iPhone and iPad have made a great impact in their business.

Tips From Brooke

  • Brooke says entrepreneurs must not hire people like they are large companies starting small instead they should hire people like a small companies with big ambitions
  • He says that if one hasn’t started they must get on with it.
  • If they have already started they must enjoy it and keep their head down.
  • He suggests to play the long game and believe in oneself.

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