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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Communication tools for small business product Review- Skarpline

Collaboration-Tools-Product-review-skarplineSkarpline is a communication tool or platform for startups and small business to carry out their communication through a single web app. Instead of using the traditional concept of sending files as attachments, it has reversed the whole concept by sending files and allowing the users to attach comment, post links and other files along with the main file. In addition there are features of instant messaging and integration with other services and applications.

It provides you the option to invite contacts who are not on the skarpline. “Instead of the email with an attached file, Skarpline puts the file in front and attaches all communications, chats, integration and other files to it” said Dan Storbaek, founder and CEO of Skarpline.

Editions and Pricing

Skarpline offers both the free version and the premium versions.

Free version: Includes all features of skarpline, 20 cards and 2 GB storage

Premium version: Includes all features of skarpline, unlimited cards and 500 GB storage, priority support and premium integration with other apps

The payment for the premium version can be done monthly and annually and depends on number of users. Skarpline give 20% discount on annual payment.

Member Count Monthly Annual
Up to 5 $20 $16
Up to 10 $43 $34
Up to 15 $75 $60
Up to 20 $113 $90
Up to 25 $156 $125
Up to 30 $206 $165
Up to 40 $300 $240
Up to 50 $408 $326
Up to 60 $525 $420
Up to 70 $656 $525
Up to 80 $788 $630
Up to 90 $938 $750
Up to 100 $1050 $840

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_skarpline_addIntroducing Cards
Skarpline allows you to store anything in the folders called “Cards”. The cards can contain documents, links or other folders.



product_review_skarpline_add_anythingEasy share
The cards can be shared easily with any contacts in the list by just dragging and dropping the cards on the contact’s name.



product_review_skarpline_easy_shareproduct_review_skarpline_open_talk_baordproduct_review_skarpline_comment_on_filesThe “talkboard”
Skarpline, unlike sharing files also provides discussion or chat on the file or link through the talkboard. The talkboard helps the associated users to discuss and share views about the files.



product_review_skarpline_focus_modeFocus mode
Skarpline’s special feature “Focus mode” mutes all notification across users, cards, groups and integration, helping you concentrate and focus more on your work. The users can set their time span for the focus mode between 25 minutes and 3 hours. The user can also stop the focus mode whenever needed.


product_review_skarpline_instant_chatInstant Chat
Apart from discussions on the files and links, Skarpline also allows instant chat to communicate with any contact both privately and in groups.



Mobile Accessibility

Skarpline is a web app and has no mobile applications. Yet, Skarpline can be used through browsers on mobile, the same way it is done on a computer.


product_review_skarpline_authenticationSkarpline allows integration with some of the applications and services like Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, Bitbucket, Github, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Pivotal Tracker, Giphy, Imoji, Weather and Asana.



Skarpline provides support only for the premium users.

Pros and Cons of Skarpline


  • Easy to share files on a go.
  • Structuring of files can be done in any way.
  • Focus mode helps increase productivity avoiding disturbing notifications
  • User friendly.


  • The profile image once added cannot be removed. It can only be changed.
  • If an image is clicked, the image appears blurred. To make it clearly visible, you need to zoom in once and zoom out.
  • The premium version supports only up to the team size of 100. If the team size exceeds the limit, the user needs to contact the team for further details.

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Skarpline eases and modifies the way work communication is done, by allowing users to communicate over files and easy drag drop sharing. This new concept is expected to bring change in work communication in the following years.

For more details, please visit: Skarpline website.

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