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Top 10 Time and Attendance Systems 2016

Top-10-time-and-attendance-Systems-2016Different businesses have different time and attendance system requirements. The software tools offer services for the employees to clock in and out with their laptops, tablet, and even mobile devices.

Product Details
 Time-and -attendance-stratustime  Stratustime is a time and attendance system that offers a solution for every need for a small business. It is a cloud-based solution having a comprehensive assortment of time-tracking options. The tool allows employees to punch –in and out via traditional clocks, Internet-connected computers, mobile devices and telephones. The easy-to-use tool manages paid time offs, generates employee schedule and monitors overtime hours integrating with 60+ payroll services.
 Time-and -attendance-timeforce Infinisource brings Timeforce, which is a time and attendance system that can be used by small businesses or large enterprises. The tool helps in effectively scheduling and tracking employees and accurately processes payroll. It facilitates time collection via time clocks, web browser, PDA or even a mobile phone and across goes including homes or second office.
 Time-and -attendance-workforce Workforce Ready is a time and attendance system from Kronos. The real-time employee data allows businesses to make informed and quick decisions enabling them to optimize workforce productivity and competitiveness. The tool does not require any expensive installation costs or maintenance being a cloud based system.
 Time-and -attendance-LaborView  Acumen Data Systems presents LabourVIEW, a cost-effective and highly customizable solution for employee scheduling and time tracking. The tool offers automatic workforce management reducing paperwork and costly administrative feeds. The tool is suitable for any company regardless of size and industry. The LabourVIEW dashboard offers the supervisors the chance to track recent activities and request times at a glance.
 Time-and -attendance-bullhorn The Bullhorn tool helps management in making business decisions. This software tool is easy to configure and various screens can be laid out by users according to personal preferences. This recruiting software solution offers tools that can evaluate and generate qualified candidates across positions perfectly integrating with existing business management system.
 Time-and -attendance-tsheets  Integrating directly with your QuickBooks software, this is considered as one of the best employee time tracking system. The TSheets software tool is easy to use and is designed to be accessed using the web browser, tablets and mobile devices for people working both on-campus as well as for those who are on the go.
 Time-and -attendance-timeclockmanager TimeClock Manager is a powerful employee management tool with one of the best time tracking and administrative controls available for attendance and time software. Easily integrating with your existing hardware, the tool works perfectly for both your hourly and salary employees.
 Time-and -attendance-ClockView ClockView is the web based attendance and time system by Acumen Data Systems offering a full range of time-tracking features. The tool can be installed on your own hardware or it can also be hosted by the company for you. It also includes the physical punch in time system such as biometric, rugged and even batch terminals.
 Time-and -attendance-virtualTimeclock  Brought by Redcort, Virtual TimeClock has many of the powerful functions as one of the best employee time and attendance tracking solution. The tool provides tracking facilities for both hourly and salary employees as well as payroll integration. Unlike other tracking programs, Virtual TimeClock is downloaded into your own server and computers then being hosted in a cloud.
Time-and -attendance-timestar TimeStar is a customizable software tool to meet your time and attendance needs. It provides facilities to specify pay rules for salary and hourly employees, for different departments, as well as across projects. The tool efficiently manages sick leaves and tracks PTO, automatically recalculating hours and payrolls, holidays and other time accruals.


These time tracking systems helps to be a great aid for time and attendance management. They have the capability to notify you when an employee has punched in and out of the system, records time- early or late, has requested time off or even when someone has missed a punch.

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