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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- is a web based database management tool that helps users to keep the database and update for various business purposes. The tool makes it easy to create database and to develop them. It covers all the aspects of business that need database management, such as CRM, ecommerce, content management system, inventory management, data capturing and data sharing.

The tool provides a platform for developers to code and make it of their use as desired. They are enabled to create an application of their choice on the tool, like landing pages, web content etc. The data aggregation feature helps to create charts, reports and data analysis tasks. With table editor, you can edit data directly through table view.

Editions and Pricing offers three editions- Development, Basic, and Pro. The tool offers the facility of custom edition for the optimal solution for your business, for this you have to contact the vendors.

The Development version is free of cost with limited objects and API, Basic version is for small teams that cost $9/month/database with medium performance and 3 logged in users, while Pro version cost $49/month/ database with power websites and business app facility and high performance. The Pro version is limited to 20 logged in users.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_restdb.io_search_barSearch Bar
The search bar on the homepage is a sign that how the tool is a safe place to save your database. You can search everything across the databases without any hassle of exploring options in the sub menu.




The way it caters the facility of importing data is very innovative. You can import Excel, CSV or JSON files using drag and drop right to the homepage. The tool automatically converts the Excel files into the database.


product_review_restdb.io_media_archiveMedia Archive
The media archive contains all the images and files for the database. The tool allows you edit or modify files that seems good. It also lets you hide selected uploaded files in the database.



product_review_restdb.io_invite_userInvite User
The best thing about the tool is that you can invite a user by directly fetching Email address. You don’t need to go to other apps for importing contacts. You can add unlimited users for all the editions which the tool offers.



product_review_restdb.io_api_facilityAPI Facility
This exceptional feature lets you generate the API key for collaboration of the databases. You can use generated API key or make one by using add new button.



product_review_restdb.io_developer_modeDeveloper Mode
The tool is very conversant for the developers. You can anytime switch to dev mode, the option, it provide in all pages, and start using the resources and API key.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool has no mobile app to be accessible and managing database using mobile browsing is probably not a good idea.


The tool is not integrated with other apps, however, your account information can be collaborated using Google and Facebook accounts.


The tool provides support via help guide hovering over the tool interface.

Pros and Cons of


  • User friendly interface.
  • Conversant for developers.
  • Cost effective and multipurpose tool.


  • Those who are not familiar with coding may find it difficult to use at its full potential.
  • Integration with other tools is missing.

Differentiator is a plug and play database management tool that has no competitors. You can use it by your choice whether it be a mere CRM or an accounting tool, the tool is very conversant and adaptive when used for business purpose. The tool is dedicated to the developers for which purpose they make this tool worthy.

The stand out feature of the tool is that it allows to create HTML based webpages or public landing pages. The tool is gaining popularity and has a great usability for its simple interface.

For more details, please visit: website.

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