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Monday , June 24 2024

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Why SEO is all about Content Marketing

Why-SEO-is-all-about-Content-MarketingA lot of people talk about content marketing and SEO as if they are two very different terms. The truth is that at the core, these two terms are somehow just the same. They work together and there’s no way you can separate them one from the other. To make this point clearer, let’s have a look at how these terms differ:

  • SEO: SEO’s scope is a bit narrower and more technical. The focus is more on using correct URLs, tags, keywords etc.
  • Content Marketing: The scope of content marketing covers a lot of things, but content quality is the focus of concern for attracting audiences.

Now the convergence of these two terms lies in the fact that content marketing can only be successful if it includes the implementation of SEO techniques, on the other hand, the search engines nowadays favor quality content over the others.

SEO and Content marketing complement each other

SEO and content marketing are two terms that go side by side. If one of them makes the requirement, the other fulfills them. SEO cannot exist without content. It needs words, keywords and sentences. Content marketing provides just that as it totally revolves around content. It allows you to use related keywords and insert them strategically into the content.

At the same time, content marketing needs SEO too. If your site’s pages aren’t indexed properly by Google or if your website has a penalty, then no matter what the quality of your content is, you still need help from an SEO expert.

From an SEO perspective, creating weak content focused merely at inviting Google’s crawlers does not work anymore. When it comes to audience retention, it is important that you provide them something unique, something that’s valuable to them.

SEO is badly in need of linkbacks. They come in contact with different agencies for link building purposes, but if those agencies are under the watch of search engines, you might end up getting punished by these search engines. The best way to get link backs is by publishing content that tempts people to link back to your page. You just need to create content that’s worthy of linkbacks.

The technical aspect of SEO is required by content marketing for better user experience. SEO works towards optimizing the site for better searching and accessing of content so that the Google crawlers can easily crawl your site, the same thing is required by content marketing for providing smoother site navigation to its readers.

The Bottom Line

SEO experts need to come together with content creators as they both fulfill each other’s requirements and are interdependent in more ways than one. SEO is required to collaborate closely with content for greater visibility. Both of them share similar goals and collide with one another in a number of ways.

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