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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Dfizz aims to be a Winner Promoting the Micro and Small Industries

Dfizz-aims-to-be-a-winner-Promoting-the-Micro-and-Small-IndustriesThe CEO of Dfizz, Bhushan Patkar, after completing his BSc in computing and software from Oxford Brooks University, in the year 2005, returned home to the era where IT boom has matured in India. Having a keen interest in e-governance and being highly motivated by his father, the national award winning Corporation Mayor Nandkishore Ram Patkar, laid the bricks for TopXS Solutions in 2008, with other ventures, carried out a three- year long project dealing with mapping of property taxing of Badlapur Municipality.

As technology advanced and took its place in most of the industries, digitization of data became more significant and this inspired him to take this up as a career. Bhushan then flew off to San Francisco, USA to pursue an MBA from Hult International Business School, in the year 2011. After returning from there, he observed that the Indian online industry had gone up exponentially. And it was a perfect time for him to start over Arkbel Innovations marketing solutions for real estate business.

Idea from the friends

The CEO of Dfizz, Bhushan had a friend who owned a Dhaba at Karjat, Maharashtra. Despite of being at one of the most visited places by tourists, and marketing done on Facebook, Amit’s food outlet had little traffic. Bhushan then realized that there are many such Micro, Small and Medium enterprises that could not employ marketers for brand promotion. Yet, there is a need for such a tool that should be developed for such industries that could help them promoting their business across social channels to drive in business.

When they worked together to generate a template that could update the Dhaba’s Facebook page,  the product struggled and drived-in a little traffic at the weekends, but with time and constant updates, Amit witnessed a rise of 65% of traffic.

And thus Dfizz was born

With a big win in such a project, Bhushan was not motivated towards developing a product that helped Micro and Small Business Enterprises for marketing and Brand promotion practices. The sole aim of this project was to support small and medium businesses for brand promotion. The tool understands the challenges such SME’s face during the initial period of development and offered techniques to carry out sales and marketing activities in the best possible way.

The Bottom Line

With online marketing sector facing a big boom these days, it is offering some of the best methods for brand promotion. Looking forward towards near future, online marketing is one of the top methods to promote your brand across international market. With the emergence of “Digital India”, entrepreneurs have raised their hope from the Government for more support in terms of tech innovations.

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