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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Top Windows 10 Apps for business

Top-Windows-10-Apps-for-businessVibrant features and amazing apps of Windows 10 Pro gives you and your business freedom to do things. The Operating system works across all your devices making you mobile allowing you to choose a device that fits your budget. The features are focused on productivity to match your tireless pace. The business apps have enterprise-grade security safeguarding your valuable business data. With laptops and tablets gone touch-sensitive, everything now can be managed with slightest of touch providing familiar and productive experience.

Below are some of the top business apps that are now changing the workflow in offices now a days. The new apps from Windows store accessible from Windows 10 Start Menu can be easily put to work. Optimized for touch, these are way easier to use on a tablet computer, without a mouse and a keyboard, additionally, they are usually free.


Videoconferencing is the next best things when you cannot meet people face-to-face. Although most of the windows devices come with Skype installed, GoToMeeting is a more versatile app for meeting remotely. The apps lets you conduct meetings with up to 25 attendees, joining from just about any Web Connected device. Handy tools such as speaker identification and screen sharing makes it more vibrant and preferably used by businesses.


An excellent PDF Management tool for Windows 10. Not only it is a solid PDF reader, but also makes it easy to annotate and mark up your PDF’s, weather you are writing freehand with a stylus or typing on a keyboard. Drawboard also allows you to create new documents and save them as compatible PDF files. Intially it costs $9.99 and after that free 3 days-trial.


One the most loved apps for business today are Wunderlist. It is a to-do list app for the Windows platform. The is easy to set up with a few clicks and then can be shared with co-workers and team mates to keep everyone on the track. The app supports collaborative editing of the lists, you can also set alarms for individual items to keep a track of the deadlines. Targeted messages for specific list items can also be sent to get conversation going.

Splashtop Business 

Turn your Windows 10 device into an extension for your desktop workstation, having quick access to your work PC or Mac. Being one of the best remote desktop software on Windows, Splashtop Buisness allows you to access your documents and media library remotely, and even use softwares that are installed on the machine. You don’t even need to leave your office PC running to establish a connection. The app is capable to wake your PC remotely when you’re ready to access it.


Windows may be already loaded with plenty of great note-taking apps, OneNote is the only one that comes pre-loaded in just about every Windows 10 device and syncs with your Microsoft account. This apps makes all of your notes accessible across devices regardless of wherever you are. This is one of the top note-taking app that makes it easy to keep your business notes organized and backed up.

The Bottom Line

This homogenious app library is one of the vibrant features of Windows 10 that lets you work across all possible devices including your Windows Phone, PC and Xbox

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