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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Visions To The History- The Timelooper Story

Visions -to-The-History-the-Timelooper-StoryAre you a traveler? What if you travel to places and never come to know the actual history behind it. Well, it happens with a lot of people who go out on vacations to explore historic places and never know about the actual history and well, have to compromise on the information the guides provide.

What if all the story about a particular place you visit comes right in your pocket. Considering this dilemma, the founder of the app Timelooper developed an amazing mobile application that brings all the information about ancient stories about mesmerizing places and monuments right at your tips.

The Idea Behind the Project

The main idea behind Timelooper arose when the founder of the product, Yigit Yigiter’s wife who was working at the Google brought home a Google cardboard virtual reality head set. The 360 degree VR videos gave the feeling of actually being there.

Thus, emerged the idea of Timelooper, with the motive of offering people the experience of being in a completely new world at a different time.

The Market Study

Over 500 million people around the world visit thousands of historic places every year to get a glimpse of the incredible scenes and experience the memorable moments that took place there. But what most of them struggle with is, learning the true historic and cultural meaning of the place.

Although the site managers try their best attempts to attract visitors to the site, but have incomplete knowledge of the place. And this is where Timelooper comes in with visually-compelling and historically accurate videos making the site visits more educational, engaging, entertaining and immersive.

Before Starting Up

Before the launch of Timelooper, Yigit had worked at various consumer and technology firms such as Dell, Unilever and SK Telecom along with an educational technology startup FastPath Learning. All these experiences made him knowledgeable about startup experiences and experiences needed to deliver services and products involving educational element.

The First Steps

Timelooper was one of the dream project for Yigit. He always wanted to experience the stories his grandparents shared with him while traveling with them. He always imaged a better way to tell the historical stories.

Formulating ideas, he shared his vision first in his application essay to Harvard Business School in the year 2006 from where he earned his MBA degree.

The Bottom Line

When the application was complete, with all the content in place, the firm invited visitors to three locations in London to test the app. The feedback from the customers was positive and the project was highly appreciated.

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