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Monday , February 26 2024

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Collaboration Tool Product Review –

Collaboration-tools-Product-review-CloudhiveAs a business owner, you know how adequate your communication with clients should be. In order to meet client’s requests you must know their choices and prerequisites. Any misconduct can result in a disaster that is why you need a tool dedicated to client communication. is one of the best a cloud based tool for communication with clients, suppliers or your team.

The tool is specifically designed for small business decision makers and freelancers. It provides an open and secure place for the clients to possess the services offered. lets you do business online while communicating with clients on the cloud, so that you can make sure that your business productivity has a growing curve. You can allow access to the clients not only for product images, videos and other informative things, but also in the discussions.

Editions and Pricing has two editions- Individual and Team, each edition comes with a 30 day trial. The Individual plan costs $14/mo with 5GB storage limits and the Team plan costs $89/mo with 500 GB storage. Small businesses can afford any plan and can decide which one is best suited to them by trying the free trials. With the free plan you get 1 GB storage limit. The best thing is that the tool provides unlimited spaces and unlimited clients with both of the plans.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_cloudhive.io_new_spaceNew Space
To get started, you first have to create a new space where you can work on. The tool lets you choose the space type, whether it is for a client or private. You can set the status of space as well.


product_review_cloudhive.io_new_clientsNew client
The tool allows you to add clients by their email address and to fetch details. You can add a person to the clients and assign them a space.




product_review_cloudhive.io_file_sharingFile Sharing
The tool enables you to share the files by your choice about how it will look like to the clients. Clients can make a choice or approve one or make comments and annotations.



The tool provides very simple way for access permissions, you can add the persons by their email address in the space that has to be shared.


The best thing about this feature is that you can adapt your brand theme for the tool. You can configure colors for the platform and for the status options. You can add status options as well.



Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool does not offer mobile apps, however, it is accessible via mobile browsing.


The tool does not integrate with other tools, but it provides embedding facility to the website.


The tool provides support via FAQs and knowledge base. The best thing is that the link to get support always appears at the bottom to help you or to get feedback.

Pros and Cons of Cloudhive


  • The spaces can be used for multipurpose.
  • Default status and color coded themes are additional features.
  • Customized and real time notifications.
  • The embedding feature lets you integrate with the website.


  • Statistics’ section can be improved.
  • The user interface can be improved.

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Differentiator is completely different tool as it gives facilities to communicate with clients or suppliers. The tool provides space to do file sharing and permitting access to the person for choosing one. It combines features of team management, project management and collaboration tools. The stand out features are @mentions, annotations, comments, file sharing and real time notifications. It also integrates with your emails so that your work looks more professional.

The way the tool works is very innovative for the clients and it is very helpful to build relationship with them that leaves a lasting impression.

For more details, please visit: website.

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