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Friday , April 19 2024

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10 ways to get a Top Google Ranking for your Small Business

10-ways-to-get-a-Top-Google-Ranking-for-your-Small-BusinessA number of factors affect your website’s rank for search engines. If you are struggling to get a higher Google rank, you can optimize your site according to search engines by following some of these useful hacks. Take a look:

Work on Page Speed

Make sure your site loads quickly. There are a number of ways you can use to improve the loading speed for your page. You can simplify your design, use CSS in place of images, combine different style sheets, enable browser caching or enable servers to compress your pages. There are many other ways that you can use to reduce the page speed.

Write Lengthy Content

Having a long article means you are providing descriptive information about a topic covering every important piece of information there is related to that topic. A lengthy post can certainly get you a higher Google ranking. Some studies have shown that in order to get a high Google rank your page should contain more than 1100 words.

Use Static URLs

Use URLs that are static and contain descriptive keywords. Search engines have to deal with some issues when it comes to crawling and analyzing dynamic URLs, so static URLs have an advantage over dynamic ones.

Create a Sitemap

Using an XML sitemap, Google can know exactly what your website contains. You can use XML sitemap generator to quickly create an upload a sitemap for your site.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Make sure your website is optimized according to mobile devices. WordPress users can use WPTouch which will automatically change your website’s theme to a mobile friendly one when it is accessed by a mobile device. You can also use Google’s Mobile friendly Test tool.

Get Listed

Google needs verification that your business is real. Listing your Business’ name, phone no. and address will keep you in an advantageous position for search engine rankings.

Embed Google Map

Embed your business’ Google map on your contact page. This would make it certain for Google that your business is located at the place you have listed.

Get Reviewed

Get your page reviewed by more number of people. The more reviews you have, more you are likely to be picked by Google in the search lists over the ones that don’t have any reviews.

Title Tags

Have a unique title tag for each page of your site that clearly describes the contents of that page.


Even though Google does not give as much importance to keywords as it used to anymore. You still need to add some popular and relevant keywords to be favored by Google.

The Bottom Line

Getting high ranks at once is one thing, but what’s important is to sustain that rank. Make sure you deliver high quality content and gain trust among your audience. It is more important to create authentic, good to read content than to just optimize it for search engines.

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