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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Turning decades of Experience into Avaali Solutions

Turning-adecades-of-Experience-into-Avaali-SolutionsSrividya Kannan, the founder, and CEO of Avaali Solutions spent almost two decades with top corporate houses before her beginning her own start-up. She was involved in various functions such as alliances, business finance, sales, operations, and strategy innovation. After having spent so much time to gain a pool of experience, she decided to up her very own company and becomes an entrepreneur. She believed that an entrepreneur learns vastly more than an employee.

What Does Avaali Do?

Avaali Solutions, operation from January 2013 was started to leverage the digital technologies to drive business performance. The main area of focus of the company is enterprise mobility and EIP (Enterprise Information Management). The company assists companies to efficiently manage their business through consulting, advising and implementing services. It also helps them establish a better engagement with their stakeholders such as partners, customer, vendors, employees, and shareholders.


So far the company has helped almost 45 clients with their business’ digital transaction. However, the inception of the company was not toil-free. The initial team of five members had to struggle for almost a year to grab on to their first client. May 2014 marked the beginning of Avaali’s success. It was on this day, the company signed a deal with a major infrastructure company, and this deal changed the company’s fate. By the end of 2014, the company had almost 30 clients in their net.

Quality First, Not Quantity

One of the biggest issues Kannan faced in her start-up was acquiring talented resources. It wasn’t easy for Kannan to gather a team of qualitative people. She says, “Selling to prospective employees was as tough as selling to prospective customers. But, we didn’t compromise on the quality of people we wanted on board.” Now the start-up is occupied with a team of 60 with a promising growth.

A Helping Hand

Apart from her team members, Kannan gives a lot of credits to her husband for supporting her at all stages. She proudly quotes, “my husband has been a pillar of strength. Not only did he provide immense encouragement, he also kept me in good spirits during those first 18 months, which were very tough for me.”

Hitting The Rod When It Is Hot

Avaali Solutions has a great opportunity in the new wave of IT where the world is increasingly spending more on IT services. Gartner in one of their reports has forecasted the worldwide IT spending to increase by 2.9 percent in 2017. The estimated spending of 2016 was $3.4 trillion which would increase to $3.5 trillion. The growth projection on software spending is expected to grow up to 7.2%, and the IT services expenditure is expected to increase by 4.8 percent.

Currently, the company faces the challenge of scaling operations with equity divestment or minimal capital infusion. To complete this challenge the company is planning to introduce a new business model.

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