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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Top 10 Free 3D modeling software [For 3D printing]

3D models are very crucial components that are used in animation, 3D printing, gaming, industrial, and architectural design. It becomes important to choose the right 3D modeling software which easily helps to realize the creative ideas.

We believe you would agree that…

Finding the right 3D modeling software is very difficult especially if someone is hunting for a free software.

But, is it really that hard?

No, it’s not that hard but is surely time-consuming. It turns out that most of the people identify all possible free 3D modeling software, compare their features and then choose the one that they want.

Why take so much effort?

In this article, you will find a list of the top 10 free 3D modeling software for 3D printing. You can choose one from the below that suits your need.

Beginner: Cura, a fully open source software

Cura is a 3D printer slicer software which can be used with most of the 3D printers. It is the best option for beginners who need Slicer Software to prepare STL files for 3D Printing. It is easy and simple to manage. The tool can also be used as a 3d printer control software to control the machine. It is completely open source and extends with a plugin system.

Beginner: 123D Design, an AutoDesk Product

Autodesk 123D Design is a 3D modeling software for beginners.  It is a very powerful and simple 3D creation and editing tool which has the ability to work with most of the 3D printers in today’s market.

It has simple a UI with a toolbox at top and view tools below it. The primitive shapes of the meshes are placed in the design area. It has advanced techniques like sweep and loft, assembly and constraint support and STL export. The software can also be used as the 3D CAD Software. It is indeed on one of best 3D modeling software for beginners who want to establish a solid art foundation.

Beginner: 3D Slash, a tool similar to Minecraft

Another 3D modeling software for beginners who want to design 3D print models. It uses the simple building block concept. You can start with a huge block, remove small cubes, or begin with an empty workspace.

Intermediate: Netfabb Basic, something more than a slicer

If you are an intermediate level and looking for a 3D printer slicer software, Netfabb Basic is the best choice. It comes with some nice features to analyze, repair, and edit STL files before getting into the slicing stage.

Intermediate: Repetier, a great-grandaddy of 3D printing software

For the intermediate users who want grow to the next level, Repetier is a compelling 3D printer slicer software to prepare STL file. The tool slightly straddles towards the advanced spectrum. It also offers up to 16 extruders support and remote access features.

Intermediate: FreeCAD, a parametric 3D modeller

FreeCAD is a feature rich CAD software for the intermediate level users. It proves to be a great resource for developing your design skills. The tools allow easy modification of the design by editing the parameters in model history.

Professional: Slic3r with bleeding edge features

Slic3r is a professional level slicer. It is an open source 3D printer slicer software to prepare the STL files. The tool has bleeding edge features and honeycomb infill. The tool includes multiple views for the viewers to preview the models.

Professional: Meshmixer, a super advanced 3D printing software

For the professional users who want to edit STL files for 3D printing, Meshmixer is the right choice. With the tool, the users can view, check, edit, and repair STL files. It is excellent at spotting potential problems and repairing them automatically. The best piece of information is that the tool is a part of Autodesk 3D printer and hence will have no issues collaborating with TinkerCAD and other tools.

Professional: Meshlab, a solid option to change or repair models

Meshlab proves to be a strong and advanced STL editor. It helps in deletion of the parts of the models, merging models, and repairing holes. It is a best when 3D print models need to be changed or repaired.

Professional: OctoPrint, a “pure” 3D printer host software

OctaPrint is a professional level 3D printer control software, which allows the users to start, pause and interpret the jobs of 3D printers. It also provides wireless monitoring remotely through an internet connection. It accepts the G-code from any 3D printer slicer software.

Do you find the above list of software useful? Comment below, the software you like along with the reason. Or list out other software that you think have better features.

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