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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Cnverg

Collaboration-tool-Product-Review-cnvergCan you imagine a business without collaboration? Obviously not!

Here comes a time when every business needs to look outside the periphery of its employees for help, you cannot avoid collaboration there. Even within a business collaboration is utterly necessary to work cumulatively on a task and bring out the best possible output. Almost every business requires an online collaboration tool to make this process convenient and efficient. There are many established online tools available on the internet that provides outstanding features to assist collaboration, but one such startup is rising fast to beat the competition. Cnverg an online collaboration tool is a startup product that is all geared up to make its mark as an excellent collaboration tool with the features it provides that no other product in its category does.

Cnverg has put forth some astounding features like live streaming of text into Notes so you can view what is being typed by the collaborators and functionality to indicate who is moving objects to allow for the visual indication of your collaborators.

Editions and Pricing

Cnverg offers a free plan with 5GB storage, five spaces, unlimited GitHub repos and five collaborators per space but it does not allow any private GitHub repos. 15-day trial is available for other paid plans which are:-

  • Pro: 10GB storage, 25 spaces, unlimited public GitHub repos, ten private GitHub repos and ten collaborators per space for $10/mo or $100/yr.
  • Business: 25GB storage, 50 spaces, unlimited public GitHub repos, 25 private GitHub repos, 25 collaborators per space, custom URL, organizational admin and custom template spaces for $20/mo or $200/yr.
  • Enterprise: unlimited storage, unlimited spaces, unlimited public GitHub repos, unlimited private GitHub repos, unlimited collaborators, custom URL, organizational admin, custom template areas, dedicated hosting available with premium support. The pricing for this plan is not available.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Cnverg has centralized dashboard which lets you select the option to create a new space or view tutorials and templates. Functionality to set a filter by space-name is also available along with a menu that lets the user see active, stashed and invited space. There is also an option to view user account details and leave feedback.



collaboration_cnverg_new spaceNew Space
This option lets you create new space with Freeform or GitHub. The user can invite new people to collaborate on the space created. For this option to work, a user must have an account on this as well.


Cnverg provides a well-organized workspace with the choice to add a participant, add templates and view space library, GitHub issues, chat with collaborators and leave feedback.



The user can add members to a workspace to collaborate with them. Participants are added by providing their email id, and mail is sent directly to them inviting them to your workspace. The users you invite must have an account on Cnverg.


collaboration_cnverg_space librarySpace Library
The user can add templates using this option, by simple default grid is applied to your space.  You can select the templates from the available depending on the needs.



Active collaboration is enabled, and users can view the changes made by collaborators without any time lag or need of refreshing.A user can also set restrictions on what participants can do to ensure the integrity of project space. By default, participants can invite other, upload images, create notes, draw and add text.

Pros and Cons of Cnverg


  • Easy to learn and add participants to collaborate.
  • It provides a free plan for an unlimited time which not many tools provides.
  • Integrated chat is available for effective communication.


  • Necessary to make an account on Freeform or GitHub.
  • Non-registered users cannot do an open collaboration.
  • No, drag and drop facility.

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This tool differentiates itself by its integration with Freeform and GitHub. It is easy to load repositories and start collaborating on the go. Additionally, with so many templates available it is easy to design your work without investing too many efforts. Integrated chat also makes it very easy for multiple users to collaborate and communicate on a single platform.

For more details, please visit Cnverg website.

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