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Friday , May 24 2024

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Collaboration Tools for small business Product Review- Minority

collaboration-tools-product-review-minorityIn small to medium scale companies, the business workflow management often fails. The realization of this notion is marginal that workflows define the business processes and drives ERP. But the establishment of an efficient workflow system is tedious and demands particular skill set.

Minority which is collaboration tool for small business takes this responsibility on its shoulders. It assists you by optimizing your project activities, structuralizing the resources and providing real-time analysis of the progress of your work. Additionally, the tool facilitates the allocation of working capital and helps you to monitor the expenditure on each step of your project. With Minority working beside, you can never run out of your budget.

Minority allows you to use cases and learn from past experiences. It provides a deep analysis of every part of the process and analyzes the actions that can be altered to increase productivity and affordability. The tool further facilitates transparency by allowing you to keep a track on your performance. Proud of your performance and quality of work? Minority lets you brag about it to your customers and thus, expands your clientele.

Editions and Pricing

The categorization of various packages for Minority is by some employees. Each package has an unlimited process launch and 24/7 support.

No. of employees included Price
5 $55
15 $115
25 $175
35 $235
45 $295
55 $355
65 $415
75 $475
85 $535
>95 Contact the team

$6 per additional employee is charged in each category. A minority can also be used for free for up to 3 processed without collaborators.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Minority_CreateProcessCreate Process
Once you sign up on Minority with your company e-mail and fill in the enterprise details, you can start creating processes. The ‘New process’ option is available on the top under the processes tab. You just need to enter the title of the process and select the service type.



Minority_CreateElementCreate Element
After creating the process, a user needs to create simple elements or steps of the work. For example, “bring the documents”, “Edit the papers”, etc.



Minority_ElementTypeType of Element
Categories of elements are available: Placeholder, Container, and Confirmation. Depending on the kind of item, you have to select the appropriate category.




Minority_ListOfElementsList of Elements
The tool displays a sequential list of articles that you have created. From the list, you can be easily edit, delete or move up and down.



Minority_RunningTheProcessRunning The Process
Once you have listed all the items involved in the process, you can execute the process.




Minority_LaunchigProcessLaunching the process
You can subsequently add all the processes participating in the project and start them from the ‘Launches’ tab as and when required. The tool displays all the relevant details of the process and analysis the execution and hence, productivity.



Minority_AddingMembersAdding Members
Under the ‘People’ tab, you can insert the details of various employees and personnel involved in the project. They can also be formed into different groups based on varying criterion.




Minority_AddingResourcesAdding Resources
You can enlist the available resources for the project along with their description under the ‘Data’ tab.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool can be easily accessed from mobile browsers. The mobile app of the device is not yet available on any of the platforms.


The tool does not provide any integration with other tools and repositories. All the relevant data has to be entered manually. The analysis reports are also not downloadable and are accessible via the web only.


The tool provides customer support through the e-mail ID provided under the ‘Contact’ tab.

Pros and Cons of Minority


  • Provides efficient Internet of Things features
  • A unique tool to ensure efficient workflow management.


  • The complexity of working on the website.
  • The assimilation of a communication channel is yet to be done.
  • Unavailability of the mobile app.
  • No integration, we need to enter everything manually.

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A minority app is one of a kind tool and provides innovative Internet of Things features. It presents a novel approach to dealing with work chaos and helps in organization and management of a range of tasks.

For more details, please visit Minority website.

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