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Sunday , July 14 2024

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The Growth Story of Carsnip

the-growth-story-of-carsnipCarsnip is a revolutionary car search engine founded by Alastair Campbell. The motive behind developing such a project was to reducing the cost of motoring for everyone- buyers and sellers. Carsnip is a platform that is wilful to pass customers to dealers directly, rather than to keep them on site.

Also, the project doesn’t charge you for listings, rather they earn their revenue through Pay-Per-Click (PPC), just like Google. Carsnip is, at present listing all the UK cars and intends to scale over 20 countries in the future.



When talking about their greatest achievements, securing more than $1mn in investment during the very first round of funding was the biggest one. Also, getting support from some hugely influential tech angles. They were Adrian Aoun, head of special projects for Google and Hank Vigil, senior vice president of strategy and partnership with Microsoft.

The team boasts about the number of new dealers Carsnip had signed up to work with. It also has more than 100 pre-registered users and is expected to rise to 25% by May 2017. The team laid the initial seed for the company in the UK. Now, the company can index car dealer websites all over the globe free of cost. The firm is also indexing vehicles across 19 countries, such as Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. It will index the US in the year 2016, launching Carsnip full suite of revenue models before 2016 ends.

With huge self-motivation and self-confidence on their business model, the team of Carsnip, in the next three years, expects themselves to become the only car search engine in the UK with a seven digit turnover. It is also planning to  establish as an international car search engine across key countries.

Challenges Faced by Carsnip

Alastair also describes the challenges that their team faced during the initial growth of the firm. The biggest among them, were, choosing the right opportunity at the right time, market observation, building the trust of investors, key hires, and co –founders are among the other crucial challenges. Also, spending too much money during the early establishment time of the company, they counted as a grave mistake they made. The team says it is best not to spend over the line during the early cycle of the organization. Money is always an asset that can be handy anytime.

Future Predictions

According to the founders, they assume that in the next three years, the retail automobile market will experience an abrupt change. As they suggest, the classified auto adverts will be completely disrupted. And with this shift, it will be interesting to know how people will react as they maintain a high-cost base in offices, process, people, and hardware.

The Bottom Line

As a message to the new entrepreneurs, the team would like to advise to work hard and make it happen. Although a lot of challenges occurs when a business starts, it is best to be positive and work every day. It is also best to ask for advice from experienced people. This advice can help to attain amazing results, and it saves a lot of time and money as the learning passes on.

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