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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Wittybee


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Management of teams and tasks make it better for the leader to organize other important organizational concepts. With Wittybee one of the best collaboration tool you can achieve that by easily collaborating with your team members. The tool is made to deliver a smooth and transparent workflow where team members can connect to one another right from desktop to the mobile device.

The app is a great collaboration example for managing your everyday work activities, projects, co-worker and client communication. You can discuss project details, send urgent tasks, and resolve issues and bugs in one frame with fast communication. Moreover, this tool can manage HR and IT requests from your staff. No matter what language you use to communicate with your team; Wittybee supports many Indian languages. With Wittybee, collaborate with your teammates that do not share same physical with you. Ultimately, it reduces attrition and makes workplace happier.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing
Wittybee Free Free
Wittybee Lite $3.49/user/month
Wittybee Pro $6.49/user/month
Wittybee Business $10.49/user/month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard of the app will let you discover the information regarding all your basic entities. Leverage the organized classification that helps you manage all from activities to company profile and settings. You can track here notifications, the teams you belong to, your rapport network along with suggestions, and others major assets.

This picture can give you balanced news of your current scenario.

Contacts that are connected with you are called rapports in Wittybee. These professionals compose your team associated with a project or a task. You can see the complete profile of your rapport so to grasp detailed structure.


A new task in the account? Quickly create a batch for the team who will be responsible for the task. With Wittybee, it takes only a click to formulate your team. You can find the already defined team type and also team icons you can select from.

Creation of any new task, event, or message in future will inform them with the post.

Filters are one of the powerful features of the app. Wittybee provides a repository of filters that leave you with your relevant search and save your time.



product_review_wittybee_filter2With these filtering options, you do not have to get your hands dirty in a pool of activities. The existing and categorized options are valuable for your direct search as well.



product_review_wittybee_teampageTeam Page
Wittybee maintains a team page regarding each team of your database. This team page contains all the information of the team including team members, files associated, team information, email for the invitations, and most importantly, team statistics. Statistics display the comprehensive representation regarding the progress rate of the work.

However, these pages are confidential; only corresponding team members can access them.

Mobile Accessibility

The app is accessible through the mobile app of Wittybee.


Currently, Wittybee does not allow integration with any other application.


It supports a user through help center. In addition, it offers email support and phone support.

Pros and Cons of Wittybee


  • It lets you engage with a contact fast.
  • Your news feed area delivers the newest
  • Powerful searching options.
  • Chat and video call options for team interaction.


  • The posting options are not customizable.
  • Once added image cannot be deleted from the post.
  • Congested interface.
  • The message body is not at all flexible.

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  • Post messages in more than one languages available.
  • Appreciate option for liking any activity.
  • Cloud storage and file sync.

For more details, please visit Wittybee Site

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