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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Cloud Based HeavenHR Hits to €6M

Cloud-Based-HeavenHR-Hits-to-€6MAs the name suggest, HeavenHR is a cloud-based Human Resource System for small and medium businesses. This product has closed €6 million in Series A funding being only ten months old. The HeavenHR team is motivated to take the product to new heights of consistent growth and efforts. The new funding raised by product will be used to make the product much stronger and accelerate growth. With high motives and a will to succeed, the company is currently active in Germany, France, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

About HeavenHR

The company is currently operating as a free model. The model has features such as digital contacts, leave management, electronic personal files, and time tracking. However, there are certain other features for which HeavenHR charges additionally, such as payroll, benefits, insurance management, and pensions. The pension feature is somewhat similar to the London-based Aviv-based Hibob.

There are many tools and product on the market that are now focusing on pension enrollment and plans. This trend gave birth to a whole new breed of HR management systems. These systems took care of extensive features like pensions and insurances for business firms.

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The HeavenHR team believes that since they are offering a pretty comprehensive product. With extensive features, they may face high competition from other products in the market. Still, the HeavenHR team is pretty confident about their product as this application has more advanced features as compared to the traditional HR Management platforms. This platform will surely succeed in the market as the team describes it to be easy to use. The product also holds more and powerful features as compared to the other Human Resource Applications.

When it comes to pension management requests and services, HeavenHR will be a strong competitor for both online and offline service providers. The high integration of this application for Human Resource process, as the developers say, adds advantage to the product making it robust.

The Bottom Line

HeavenHR is capable enough to make a company hire an employee within minutes. You can also automatically enroll new hires in the payroll, pensions and insurance plans within few clicks. The HeavenHR team is always making new efforts to offer more and advanced features retaining the simple and user-friendly user interface.

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