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Friday , April 19 2024

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Product Review: Group Map

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Group map is a project collaboration software that helps businesses in brain storming and conducting extensive research that could help them make informed decisions for the business as a whole. It is a real time collaborative tool that is an ultra flexible mind mapping software that helps business organisations in making concrete decisions. Through this software, one can easily create an online process in sync with the physical environment and refurbish and modify it as per the present workflow.

Since Group Map is basically created for groups and organisations, one person is usually assigned the task of creating maps from its initial stage and invite the co-workers. Conditional to the subscribed plan, one can also include ten to thousand associates to work with their policies and ideas.

Furthermore, the Road Map helps its users and the team members to reach at a uniform agreement using different methods. It also allows its users to like, rate, vote, or sort tools for each team member. Hence overall, it is a powerful brainstorming tool that helps business organisations in online brainstorming, idea sharing or create a framework for brainstorming for the entire team, thereby reducing the meeting time.  Group map allows its users to customise or select meeting templates to collect and accordingly prioritise group activities.

Editions And Pricing Of The Project Collaboration Software Group Map

Group Map does not offer a free version to its prospective customers. Although it does offer a free trial. Moreover, its pricing begins at $ 20 per month per user. 

See additional pricing details for the Group Map software is mentioned below.


Monthly Pricing


No. of Maps



No. of participants per map

Features Included per plan

Free Trial

A Free Trial offer for 14 days




1 Map creator




10 participants



·  Advanced process design

· Advanced facilitator control

·  Advanced reporting

· Standard Email support

Basic Plan

$ 20.00 per month




1 Map creator




10 participants


·      Basic process design

·           Basic facilitator control

·         Basic reporting

·         Standard Email support

Professional Plan

$ 60.00 per month




1 Map creator




50 participants


·         Advanced process design

·         Advanced facilitator control

·         Advanced reporting

·         Priority support as well as induction

Organization Plan

$ 100.00 per month




Multiple Map creators




Custom participants


·         Advanced process design

·         Advanced facilitator control

·         Advanced reporting

·         Priority support as well as induction


Apart from this Group Map does provide some additional packages available with the service providers It is entirely influenced by the prices quoted by the software vendors and service providers.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Creation of customized templates: This feature allows its users to create their own customized templates. It offers over 60 best template formats to organize, brainstorm, and accordingly create an approach or strategies for the team members. Through this feature, one can easily create their own list, chart, or mind map. The users can also customize the heading or add instructions. They can also create multiple copies or Xerox the existing maps.



Customized as per your conversations: One can easily customize their maps as per the subtleties and character of their group. From mind mapping to quick brainstorming, it offers different tools that could help the users to search for best ideas and accordingly stay focused on the conversation. It also allows its users to like, rate, vote, or sort tools for each team member.


View the best Ideas in Real time: This feature allows its users to incorporate their individual maps in the real time so as to depict the group’s perception about it. It also reveals the personal rating or voting. Its visual cues also reveal where exactly the people have landed their ideas on their maps. Overall through this feature, one can quickly see how their individual input gets shaped with the final output.


Additional Features of Group Map Software

  • It helps in creating insightful reports.
  • It has the capability to summarize the entire map in website reports or excel reports.
  • It allows its users to decide what suits best for their audience and also allows them to see the audience response.
  • It allows its users to respond individually and accordingly see what the group’s reaction in real time.
  • It also allows its users to brainstorm both collaboratively and individually.


Pros and Cons

  • It helps in keeping its users fully organized.
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is a highly intuitive, collaborative and a flexible software
  • It is an intuitive and graphic task manager that helps in prioritizing the project in an organized manner.
  • IT is available free of cost without any time limit.
  • Group Map software is consistently available, allowing its users to finish their tasks in much less time, as they don’t have to wait for the software’s response.
  • One can easily reveal or even do the voting. They can also like dislike or even group similar ideas.
  • Difficult to use on a free version.
  • Sometimes the templates are a bit tricky to use and navigate.
  • Sometimes it automatically transfers the cards and the columns everywhere around even when not asked to do so.
  • Many a time, it becomes difficult to trouble shoot issues with a data pipeline.
  • Its user interface is a bit confusing.

Key Differentiators of Group Map software:

  • Data pipeline
  • Templates
  • Graphical task manager


Mobile Accessibility

Unable to find any information as to whether it is available in a mobile app version or not.



  • Knowledge base.
  • User guide
  • Training webinar.
  • User community
  • Telephonic and Email support,
  • They are also available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn


Hence, all in all, Group Map is a very powerful software suitable for everyone, be it sales and marketing team or Human Resource and operation. It can be easily customized as per the requirement of the users and is intuitively easy to understand. Through its visual collaborative tool, one can easily create a shared perspective for all the team members in a satisfying manner. Apart from this, all the business operators, analysts, policymakers who create insights will also find Group Map valuable.

For further details, please visit Groupmap website and get all the insights about this wonderful Search Engine optimization software.

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