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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Product Review – InVision

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InVision is a collaboration management tool, as well as a prototyping tool with exceptional features. Some of the features are freehand drafting style or collaborative mock-ups, teamwork, idea supervision, user testing, as well as integration and collaboration with Slack, and many more collaboration platforms. As per the business, +5 million designers are presently using the free version offered by the tool.

The tool helps to create efficient workflow as well as user-friendly design. InVision is the wide-ranging prototyping platform supporting the procedure of designing UI (User Interface) for mobile apps as well as various parts of digital collaborating systems or tools.

Editions & Pricing Collaboration Management Tool

You can sign up for free with 1 active prototype with an unlimited period of time. The tool allows you to use most of its features as a free user. Other plans offered by InVision for the team as well as other professional and enterprise purpose are enlisted in the below table:


Starter Plan




$0 /mo

$15 /mo

$25 /mo

$99 /mo

(Sign-up for price)

1 Prototype

3 Prototype

Unlimited Prototypes

Unlimited Prototypes (Up to 5 team members)

Unlimited Prototypes + Advanced features available


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


Create Prototypes

Design or build rich and creative prototypes with InVision. One of the biggest and key parts of the design process offered by the tool is the validation level, as well as pinning the details. InVision allows to iterate faster than ever, enhance the quality of the design as well as ship and deliver quickly.



Collaborate and Engage

Communicate seamlessly with your team members, collect feedbacks, and go ahead with the project with support and collaboration with all the individuals. InVision lets you collaborate, innovate, as well as implement much more efficiently and professionally.



Digital Whiteboard – Freehand

The feature gives you a whole new way to design and collaborate effectively. Wireframing, design presentations, scheduling, as well as feedback, make it happen with Freehand. Freehand is fabricated with in-built and instinctual tools such as Sketch, Write, Draw, and Comment, along with functionality that make assembling much easier and fun. With Freehand, you can swiftly generate, deliberate, as well as save our notes with the help of our feedback meetings.



Collect and Present Design Ideas

With the help of this tool, you can beautifully collect and present designs, creativeness, inventiveness, and more. You can utilize Boards to share primary objectives or innovative ideas, express the user flow, as well as seize inspiration.



Streamline Workflows with Design & Development

With the help of the InVision tool, you can enhance the standards of design tools, for example, Confluence, Jira, as well as Trello through InVision. Set in an InVision share link along with your prototype indicates the right level—where you are able to broadcast, comment, and inspect.


Mobile Accessibility

The platform or app is readily accessible and available in both Android as well as iOS devices. This accessibility allows people to design and operate from anywhere and anytime.


External Integrations

The design prototype tool – InVision integrates with a number of other applications. Some of them are given below for your reference:

  • Slack (Communication & Messaging)
  • Jira (Engineering & Task Management)
  • Confluence (Organizational updates and Drafting)
  • Trello (Drafting & Organizational Structure)



The app or platform is a very powerful, easy to use tool where you are guided for each and every feature. As well as the website is relatively informative regarding the services offered. Nonetheless, to get any further support, the website and app have a FAQ section as well as a Contact Us page.


Pros and Cons


  • Inspect mode is extremely beneficial for developers. Rather than merely observing at a stationary picture, one can review specific components to grasp their extents as well as styles like font size or colour.
  • Simple click prototypes along with multiple screens


  • Less support for refillable styles such as color variables
  • Limited support for creating a whole collection of reusable constituents
  • Slow Jira plugin, permits only 1 attachment per topic
  • Notifications, as well as updates, are not effectively implemented
Key Differentiator

Extremely suitable for sharing design, prototyping, collecting feedback, and design specifications sharing. Big operators such as Netflix, Atlassian, etc. use the platform to spar on ideas as well as inspect prototypes.

For more details on the product, please visit the InVision website.


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