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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Effective Communication Tools Product Review- Workflow Max

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A cloud based job management Software & very effective communication tool Workflow Max is created especially for small and medium sized service business enterprises.

From tracing jobs and supervision of time sheets and other official papers to sending bills and purchase order applications, Workflow Max provides a perfect solution to workflow management on an integrated platform. Workflow Max incorporates with a plethora of workflow tools, together with Xero (the accounting software hulk). This software is most suitable for engineers, creative agencies, architects, Information Technology (IT) sector, business advisers and anyone who wishes to track their time and accordingly bill for the same.


Editions and Pricing of the Workflow Max software



Monthly Pricing

Features Included


1 User

$ 15 per month

·         Price Quoting and Estimation

·         Management of Clients

·         Organization of Time Sheets

5 Users

$ 49 per month

·         Price Quoting and Estimation

·         Management of Clients

·         Organization of Time Sheets

10 Users

$ 99 per month

·         Management of jobs

·         Job Costing

·         Client & Contractor access

20 Users

$ 149 per month

·         Management of jobs

·         Job Costing

·         Client & Contractor access


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features of Workflow Max software 


Job, assignment, and employee management: IT helps in keeping a proper track of all the mobile resources and manage the time, cost and effectiveness of every task. It helps in developing sound management of workforce and intuitive reporting. It serves its users to track and accordingly record each activity concerned with any job, enabling them to locate jobs quickly and learn everything about it.



Time Tracking: It serves its users with multiple time tracking options. All one has to do it to press the “Start” icon on the quick time feature, so record the time taken. One can also do this from the dashboard or the time sheet icon connected with the respective job. One can easily record time by entering the start time and the completion time



Collaboration Manager: This feature allows the users to automatically connect their email to the desired job within the workflow max. This could be done by clicking the “jobs” tab in the main toolbar, then select the Collaboration from the jobs dropdown, and finally, click on the “Configuration” option mentioned at the second number under the collaboration icon. The users will then be asked to enter their email address and save the same, And there you go, all set to send the mails.



Pros and Cons


  • It helps in keeping its users fully organized.
  • Workflow Max software is consistently available, allowing its users to finish their tasks in much less time, as they no longer have to wait for the software’s response.
  • It is a user friendly tool where they can easily set up tasks and log the time.
  • It offers a wide range of support materials.


  • Unlike small and medium enterprises, it is not suitable for all big companies.
  • There is a lack of proper visuals when it comes to reporting.
  • Users find its time tracking tool very analogous as it focusses only on time assigned for a project and invoices of clients. But mostly corporations demand for a much more diverse network.
  • Its user interface is very outdated and offers limited features.


One can learn more about Workflow Max, by easily through Workflow Max’s training webinar. Apart from telephonic and Email support, they are also available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in. They also have seamless integration with Google Drive, Xero, Time Doctor, simple Pay, Smooth Pay, to name a few.

Hence, all in all, Workflow Max is a very powerful software suitable for small and medium sized enterprises.  It can easily be customized as per the requirement of the users and is intuitively easy to understand. Apart from that, all the business operators, analysts, policymakers who create insights will also find Workflow Max valuable.

Mobile Accessibility:

This Software is available as a Mobile App on all IOS. It can also be used on web-based, cloud, and Saas.


Workflo Max integrates with a number of other applications. Some of them are given below for your reference:

  • Zendesk
  • Freshdesk
  • Box
  • iPayroll
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Adobe Time Tracking
Key Differentiators

The tool takes very less time to provide timesheets. Throhgh the application, users can easily keep track over time spent on projects and different tasks. Its ability to calculate and manage task time automatically without having people try to manually work out their hours is very helpful.

For further details, please visit the Workflow Max website and get all the insights about this wonderful Conferencing tool.


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