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Sunday , December 16 2018

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Three Cool Ways Online Collaboration Tools for business have Re-Vamped Companies

Majority of the industry professionals today prefer a collaboration tool for business rather than getting things done manually. Additionally, it was observed that 88% people use online collaboration tools on a regular basis for their business activities.

The technology powered collaboration tools for business are making business much easier today. Here we are discussing three companies. They have incorporated online collaboration technology. The technology helped to revamp and reinvent an area of their business and added an extra edge to their performance.

Eighty6 using video conferencing to brand themselves

This is a marketing company that provides marketing assistance to the small companies that are making their way towards the new era. The idea came over to the founder, Jay Eagleson who was initially unable to afford a physical office or the traveling costs to meet the client personally.

He, therefore, came up with the option of web conferencing and brought together a team of people from remote locations. They worked together to make the customer interactions possible without spending too much. They successfully created meetings that were short, rich, and easy that boosted efficiency and productivity.

Audio integrated virtual training by Mercedes-Benz- USA

Car buying is another thing that became digital with time. Customers today are visiting websites even before they are stepping to the dealers. It is therefore important to make a strong presence in the market. In order to keep its employees up to date, the company made a move and invested on the technology front.

Now they were able to hold virtual trainings, web events, and other information activities to serve a big audience that is distributed across geographies. Now the company can train the employees on monthly engineering service calls, host the shop foreman and even provide service to the managers in a single webinar across the country.

The company have been using one of the top collaboration software tool that fully integrates into virtual training, active talking feature, enhanced employee and audience engagement, improved reliability for training, and also eliminate to mute the noisy lines.

Vantedge- using virtual meetings to re-engage focus groups

Vantedge is a full analytics, service insight, and an optimization strategy firm. The organization wanted to gain insights from the market in less money and in less time. To attain this, they thought about challenging the ways in which the focus groups are traditionally led. This was all about the virtual meetings through video conferencing software.

The company could provide a virtual meeting platform that gained a high score for its simplicity and ease of use across all focus groups. Now, with reduced barriers to join the event, the organization is attracting larger groups and increasing its online engagement.

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