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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Add Click to Call to your Business for Quick Communication

In today’s digital world, it is highly important for small and medium business owners to say connected with their customers. Technology has made this possible with the help of the Click to Call option. This is one of the best ways through which the customers get quick answers to all their questions regarding the products and services you are providing to them.

Different customers have different preferences. While some of them like to share emails and get their answers, some like to interact over chat. On the other hand, some of them like to make a direct call to the business and get their queries resolved. In the same way, some businesses prefer using the click to call feature over the traditional email and chat options to save time answering them or hiring a resource to carry out this task.

Click to Call Defined

Click to Call is a technology that allows a user to make a call by clicking on a button. This call is usually made to a customer care representative or to one of the employees in a small business house. The customers can get answers to their queries immediately through this option. The click to call button is present on the websites or in the email signatures, blogs, and text messages. The best part of this option is, the user gets directly connected to the business without even dialling a number.

How Does it Work?

The technology works by automating the method of placing a call to the business. Anyone who wants to connect to a business via phone call now no longer has to search your number on the internet. They also do not have to manually enter the number and dial it to make the call. The click to call button will directly make the call for them instead.

Why should Businesses Use Click to Call?

Including the click to call option in the business website adds several capabilities to it. Here are some of them in brief.

Automated process: The best benefit of this option is, your customers now no longer have to search your phone number on the internet and then dial it manually. This saves a lot of time for the customers and also eliminates manual errors. As more and more customers reach you personally, your business will make easy, quick, and additional sales.

Call Tracking: This feature can be implemented with the click to call technology. In some cases, there is also an option to save calls. Here you can know from which location your customers are calling. This information can later be used for demographic marketing campaigns.

Call Routing: If you have a medium-sized company, you can designate people to attend some specific calls. This can be achieved with the help of call routing. Employees’ phone numbers can be set to receive all the calls from a certain set of callers.

Convenient International Dialing: There is certain click to call services that allow international dialling. These calls can be made without making extra payments for international dialling. The service generates phone numbers with the same area code as the caller. This service eliminates the burden of international calling for both your customers as well as you.

Call Recording: This is another good feature and another good reason to use cluck to call technology for your business.  Now you can listen to calls and access the performance of your agents. This will also help you to address the feedback shared by the customer in a better way and transform a business to meet their expectations.

Reporting: Reporting options are present with the implementation of the click to call button. The feature will show you a list of people who have called your business in the recent past. All this information can later be used to develop and design the customer loyalty program.  

Improvement in Call Volume: A high volume in the number of calls can be quite a challenging task for small and medium businesses. At the same time, it is believed that a modest increase in the number of calls is an indication of high sales and improved customer retention.

Setting up the Click to Call Feature

If you have decided to include the click to call feature for your business, you will have to follow a set of steps to make it a part of your business communication activity or the CRM activity. The below section shares these steps in detail.

  1. Select your Tool: The click to call feature can be obtained with the help of a third-party provider. They give a business API based installation option. Now you can check if your website hosting provider offers a click to call plugin.
  2. Assign a phone number to enable call routing: Once you have installed the tool, you need to set a virtual phone number for your business. All the customer calls will be routed on this number.
  3. Masking Decision: The next thing you need to do is to make the decision whether you want to mask your business phone number. This is not a required thing to do. Still, some businesses do this for security and privacy reasons.
  4. Enable Call Back Feature if Required: If you want to make a call back to your customers once you set up the click to call option, you will need a callback option. This feature will help your team to make calls to the customers. At the same time, it gives your representatives all the information that they need about the customers and develops stronger relationships with them.
  5. Where it should be placed: Click to call is a good option for the business. However, its success is also dependent on the place at which it is used. The possible options include a website, emails, text messages, or their combination. Other than this, it is also important that you place the button in the right position in these areas to make the maximum impact.
  6. Customization: Another thing you can do with your click to call button is, you can customize it and add text, colours, and other changes. If you use colours and texts that entice your customers, it can do wonders for you.

Plan and make the best use of the click to call feature to make it a part of your business. The calls will surely make an impact on your business and help you generate high revenue.

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