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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Effective Video Promotion Strategies on Social Media

Social media is known to be a cheap and powerful tool that can be used by small businesses for marketing and promotion. Various social channels can be used for everything starting from customer service to marketing. Besides, social media users love videos; therefore, video marketing is one of the most effective, accessible, and affordable small business moves. It is one of the easiest ways to increase customer awareness of your brand and engage customers.

If you are not sure where to start with social media video marketing, here’s a list of the top social media channels and video marketing tips you can use to boost your brand with video.


Twitter precisely has a diverse user base, and its regular users are extremely engaged with the platform. Twitter is not just about short, text-based messages. The platform also lets users embed videos in their tweets. Therefore, you can add videos while promoting and marketing your products on Twitter. However, remember to be concise, engaging, and timely while sharing your products and service information. Besides, the platform also provides an option to go live. Going live can boost engagement, plus it lets you interact with followers instantly.


Instagram is a social network solely dedicated to sharing videos and photos. For that reason, it is the network where only highly visual businesses such as food or fashion succeed. For promoting your business, you can use Instagram stories that allow any business owner to get creative with tools such as polls, GIFS, stickers and basic text. Furthermore, you can try out IGTV, which allows users to create vertical videos up to an hour in length. To make your videos more attractive, you need to make them engaging by showing off the videos and images of the products and services you offer. You can also share images with coupon codes and other information about how to redeem special deals. Doing so encourages consumers to follow your account closely, so they don’t miss out. Precisely, a good way to generate interest is to show people how your product is made or perhaps give them a sight of your office.


Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms, with almost 2 billion active users. To get started with Facebook for your video marketing, you will need to set up a page for your business, which is quick and easy.

You can fully customize your pages to represent your business with the information customers need to know, such as your address, hours, reviews and upcoming events. Users who “like” your page will see your posts, and those posts will appear automatically in their news feed. Precisely, you need to make sure that you don’t create passive videos as Facebook has changed its algorithm to prioritize connections and engagements. To be given priority, your videos should promote engagement. Along with creating passive videos, get interactive and be personable. People love social media, as it often gives a behind-the-scenes look into their favourite brands. More so, you should monitor reactions and broadcast live videos using the Facebook Live feature.


YouTube is precisely a video sharing platform, which only hosts videos. The platform has more than 1 billion users, a perfect place for video marketing the products and services. You can easily signup for a YouTube account by logging into your Google account. Once you sign up, you can customize your business channel with channel art, a header and a profile picture.

Once your channel is ready, you can start uploading videos and interacting with other users. Besides, you need to stick to a schedule so that your subscribers know when to expect a new video. Also, include calls to action and tell your viewers to like the videos they’re watching, leave a comment or subscribe to your channel. Share your YouTube videos on your other social media accounts. You can also embed your YouTube videos in posts on your website. Also, YouTube has its own live streaming feature so that you can go live, but you first need to verify your account to conduct a Livestream.


Snapchat is a niche platform for small businesses that lets you upload short video clips, images and sends the content directly to the person who follows you. Snapchat has a trademark feature where users can only view each video once before it disappears from their feed, but that restriction only applies to videos sent directly to individuals. Furthermore, content uploaded to the account’s story can be viewed by your followers an unlimited number of times for 24 hours.

Besides, if you are planning to market your products and services through Snapchat, then you need to keep it casual and make it fun for the viewers. Notably, clips of employees or customers having fun with your product will keep young Snapchat users engaged and coming back for more. Moreover, Snapchat is the perfect platform for taking viewers behind the scenes of your business for a glimpse of how it’s run.

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