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Friday , May 24 2024

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Conference Call Services for 2021

The pandemic has forced many companies to work remotely. Teams are now working from their homes and providing products and services to the customers meeting all the industry standards and in highest quality.

Some of the technology tools and services have proved themselves as the contributors to the success of many businesses are conference call services. Undoubtedly, these have helped the teams to get together and communicate on a single platform. The industry experts also believes that these conference call services will be in high demand in the year 2021.

Conference Call Services Types

The conference call services are classified into two main types. The first one is the researvationless, and the other one is the operator based services. Both of them cover the same basic function that allows multiple people to be on a conference call at a time. These services vary in the way they are used.

Reservationless Service: The service allows you to host conference calls anytime anywhere without the need of any advanced scheduling. The conference line is always available to its users and can be used for everyday conference calling. It allows up to 1,000 callers at a time. The features in this service include call recording and online host controls.

Operator- assisted Service: If you want to add a personal touch to your formal conference calls, it is best to use the operator assisted service. In this service, a dedicated representative will help you plan meetings ahead of the time by sending invites and making sure that the call’s itinerary makes sense. The representative in this service greets the callers, collects their information, and manages the speakers. The feature of call recording is also present in this service.

Here are some of the top Conference Call tools that small and medium sized businesses can use.

Vast Conference

Vast Conference offers robust calling options for all business sizes. The tool gives freedom to host everyday meetings as well as large formal conferences when the need arises. The tool gives its users reservationless as well as operator assisted services. The researvationless system of the tool supports up to 500 callers at a time and can be available as monthly and pay as you go pricing plans.

The operator assisted system which is used typically for large formal conference calls can manage calls up to 6000 participants. The tool gives access to an operator who will support you to plan and make the calls as you need them to make. Other powerful features if the tool include customizable greetings, call recording, dial out options, and web control. You also gets an access to HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and presentations.

The tool offers everything that a small business needs from a conference call service. The tools request “Pay what you Can”, however, it has no obligations to do so. The tool allows you make calls with up to 1000 participants. These calls can be scheduled in advanced or can be hosted spontaneously.

Apart from the free version, the tool also offers a paid plan that costs $9.95 per month. The paid as well as the free plan offers features such as call recording, controls for the web meeting, keypad commands, and the ability for the participants to leave a main conference to join a sub conference call instantly. The tools also allows its users to host online meetings which screen sharing, chat options, recording options, as well as drawing tools.

The most important feature is, the tool integrates with Microsoft Outlook as well as Google Calendar to make things easier for you.


It is one of the most intuitive and impressive communication system which can support up to 1000 callers at a time. Any user type can host the conference call on the tool without being scheduling it in advance. The tool integrates with Microsoft Outlook seamlessly and helps to schedule a meeting. Any of the users can record the calls made on the tool for further purposes.

The tool also works with the local dial in numbers in more than 50 countries to conduct meetings with the callers located outside the country. Apart from a wide range of calling options, some of its features include collaboration and mobile features, voicemail, voicemail to email, one touch calling, auto attendance, softphone, and IVR. The tool is also available on iOS and Android platforms.

Cisco Webex

It is one of the most powerful web conferencing service. The tool lets you make conference calls. You can connect to join a meeting on either their mobile phones or the computers. Joining a meeting with Webex is simple, you only need to join online by computer or change the meeting setting to allow everyone to connect directly from their phones. The tool offers additional features such as call recording.

The tool can be used on three pricing plans that differ in the number of people who can attend a conference, the cloud storage space used, and the user that can attend the conference.

What the Year 2021 Be Like

Conference call services will be largely affected and enhanced by the Artificial Intelligence technology. Several companies are already using this technology to make official calls smarter. You no longer need to make notes for the meeting, the smart bots can do this for you.

The technology is already enabling the call services to carry out real time call transcriptions and end-of-call summaries. These summaries include important notes, action items, and follow ups. Dialpad was the first to come with this technology. However, the technology is expected to be used by other service providers to offer high quality services in the near future.

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