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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Top Email Tools Product review – Woodpecker

Email-Tools-Product-review- WoodpeckerEvery business, big or small has to deal with sending and receiving emails on a daily basis. Companies spend a lot of time replying to mails, or follow ups or even replies. Initially, when there was no tool for this, the task was carried out manually with each mail sent one to one by an individual separately.

All these mailing tasks occupied a lot of time during the working hours that can be utilized for some other productive work for the business. A business couldn’t afford to spend so much time for this process and soon needed a solution of this issue.


Editions and Pricing

The pricing policy and editions for Woodpecker are:

Startup $40 per seat per month
Team $50 per seat per month
Enterprise Contact vendors for custom pricing

The tool offers its users a free 14 day trial or for 150 test emails. Thus free trail also allows users to send 50 prospect emails a day. However this number is default and can be extended depending upon given email provider’s limits.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

woodpecker-email campaignwoodpecker-emailcampaign2Email Campaigns
You can schedule and carry out email campaigns for your business from right here. All that is needed to be done is syncing your business emails to Woodpecker tool. Woodpecker can use your email accounts from Gmail, Outlook and IMAP as well. The campaign also displays a list of all emails sent in the history.


woodpecker-personalize-emailPersonalize your Emails
You can personalize your emails by adding options such as First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Company, Email, WWW, etc. Woodpecker also allows its users to determine time slots in which these emails are needed to be delivered to the audience.


woodpecker-adding and importing prospectswoodpecker-adding and importing prospects2Adding and Importing Prospects
You can add or import prospects to the app or Import prospects for the emails. The tool provides options to upload CSV files for prospects. You can also filter your prospects by emails, status, last name, tags, In Campaign, Title, Phone, City, State, Country, etc.
The Prospects window also displays a list of all the prospects at the bottom. Here, you can select one or all prospects from the list and can create campaign or export.


woodpecker-trackststus for email campaignTrack stats for Email Campaign
Once you carry out an email campaign, the tool lets you track its status giving details such as: Number of Prospects, Delivered, Clicked, Replied, and To check


woodpecker-inboxThe Woodpecker Inbox
Like any other email inbox, the Woodpecker Inbox contains all incoming emails. Other than this, the Woodpecker inbox maintains categories such as Replied, Autoreplied, Bounced, Blacklist and To Check.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is not supported by an Android or iOS mobile application. But the tool can be accessed through mobile web browser.


The tool integrates with Gmail, Outlook and IMAP on any server to pull your important emails across them.


The tool offers support to its active users through email, Skype, FAQ and Knowledge Base. The tool also provides API and API supporting page. This API can be integrated with your website or app so that it can be used at ease.

Pros and Cons of Woodpecker


  • The tool is efficient in keeping a track on replied, autoreplied and to be checked emails through the communication process.


  • The tool needs to work on UI, the text is so faded that users are unable to read it properly.
  • Tool also needs to work on the navigation. There are proper “Back” buttons in the application and the button from the browser brings the user to the login page.

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  • Woodpecker has a separate mailbox for each of the salesperson or outbound campaigns. These new email accounts have been created on a separate domain and dedicated exclusively to outbound email campaigns.
  • The product also have the ability to automate follow-ups sent in one thread — just like they were sent manually.

These features boosts the effectiveness of the cold email campaigns and saves a lot of time.

For more details, please visit: Woodpecker website.

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