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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Creativity at it’s Best- Creator Bot

Creativity -at-it’s-best- Creator BotA startup based in Bengaluru, Creator Bot, is contributing to the technology in a creative manner. The company was founded by 23 years of Varun Sivaram with Krishna as the co-founder, to grant the designer people and entrepreneurs with the manufacturing tools and 3D printers.

They provide the essential manufacturing tools at low cost for the creators and they are themselves the creator of 3D printers. Creator Bot also serves digital manufacturing tools like 3D printers and CNC machines for desktop fabrication.



Varun was an inventor from childhood, he used to learn from experiments. Book knowledge has never been sufficient for him. Moving on, after school, he didn’t go to any college, rather he chose to startup with an electronic testing tool. But, that startup failed to mark any presence.


In June 2014, Varun met a guy Krishna who is also going through his startup failure, at a 3D printing event, Bengaluru. After this time they decided to set a new startup, Creator Bot. It was started in January, 2015. They said that this journey has not at all been easy for them. They faced failure of the product for 5 times before it’s hit. Still, they did not give up on their mission and finally succeeded. According to them initially hiring the brilliant minds and finding the appropriate tools were some of the very challenging tasks.

The duo says, “When people have access to powerful tools, ideas take shape and turn into products. Similar to this, we are seeing a revolution, in that manufacturing, small companies and individuals now have access to Creator Bot tools that help them prototype their ideas in the physical world with real material.” People are inspired by their thought and productivity, not only from college or from manufacturing industries but the ones who want to adapt the technology with creativity are bringing life to their ideas.


At the Marketfest in Ahmedabad in 2014, the officials from Intel took interest in their product and asked them to build an adapted 3D printer. The product placed in ‘Navachara Kaksh’, the new science and innovation museum at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Inaugurated by the President. The printer is useful for the school children to make 3D models such as the Ashoka chakra, Indian flag which will contribute in their practical knowledge. It also showcases virtual musical instruments and a robotic dog, among others. “We always wanted to reach out to children because when children actually look at these tools, it triggers their creativity,” said Krishna Theja, founder of Creator bot.

Because of the excellent work they became partners with FabLabs, Cochin University of Science and Technology, ICICI Knowledge Park and the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Further Growth

In the upcoming days the team is going to focus on the growing of more products and printers using better team and technology. The 3D printer market in India is anticipated to reach $46 million by the 2019 end. Forbes investment pundits have predicted that leading of 3D printing could be seen rejuvenating American Manufacturing, citing the small and creative companies.

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