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Friday , April 12 2024

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Never Let Your E-Mail Go Unnoticed!!!


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E-Mail is the most effective way of communication in today’s world. They are the essence of modern marketing strategies. On an average, about 80-90 emails are received by an employee in a single day. Whoaaaa…!!!! That’s a pretty large number. Now it is quite obvious that the person won’t read each and every email that he has received. So, now the question is which emails are read by the person…??? The answer is very simple. The person only reads those emails which make him curious and can easily connect with them.

So here we bring the three important strategies that will help you create an E-Mail that will never go unnoticed:

E-Mails are for Humans not for RoBots

Humans are attention seekers, so the most important thing in E-Mail is how you address the person. Always use person’s first name to address him/her in the E-Mail. This way they feel important and get easily connected with you. The content of the E-Mail should be reader specific. One must keep in mind the preferences of the reader while writing. If the reader gets involved with the content then they will surely respond to it.

Purposeful E-Mail

The purpose of the E-Mail should be well specified. The body of the email must justify its subject line. The agenda of the email should be clear and should be of user’s interest. The subject line and matter shouldn’t be contrasting otherwise the person will unsubscribe. Also, the email must focus on a single task, that is, the email must contain only that content which is of relevance and ignore all things. So, it is advised that before writing the email one must fix the purpose of the email and should stick with it.

Give Some Task to the Reader

As is said “You See and you Forget, You Do And you Remember”, the email must assign some work to the reader this will keep them engaged, and this is how your email would never go Unanswered. Keep the user busy in some task that could polling, writing feedback, watching the video, anything like that and hence there will be a sure reply.

The Bottom Line

In the gist of the above article, it can be said that if you make a little change in your E-Mail writing pattern your E-Mail will all the attention that you want. So keep up the good work.

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