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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top HR Tools Product Review- PSV HR

HR Tools Product Review-PSVHR

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Can you imagine your business workflow without an HR for small business? One in other roles, HR possess an important power to perform the management activities. However, startups are experiencing a peak in their boom with the strong caliber and often small team, though. Specifically for them, HR can be fulfilled by efficient management tools such as PSV HR. It is a tool that fulfills HR requirement of the small and big enterprises.


It provides features, which initiate a smarter way of doing HR management including team directory, time off tracking, smart notifications, and others. Moreover, its secured IT infrastructure protects your company data. It enables all the information regarding your team at one place. A browser is all that required and you will be ready to run the sophisticated tool.

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Editions and Pricing

There is no specific plan chart for pricing. You can pay for what you want.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Informing the manager of your company regarding your work status is important for better planning. Thus, PSV HR provides this feature where the user can set his/her status along with the time needed, which will be redirected to your above authority or team admin. Also, it shows the tabular format about the so far requests and approvals.


PSVHR_Team_DirectoryTeam Directory
Team directory is where you can create teams and can add team members to them. From here, you can directly communicate with an employee via email. Also, they can be followed to grasp their news. Add team members and their details and start tracking them.



PSVHR_Time_Off_allowanceTime Off Allowance
Company Settings offers to handle the time off allowance for your employees. Which team member will avail how many time off allowance is decided here.




PSVHR_News_feedNews feed
From news feed, the admin is allowed to make company announcements and employee news. You can write the message and post it to all the connected employees. They will be able to track the message in dashboards. It’s quick and easy.



PSV HR provides report section that displays reports including staff report, payroll report, and others. Here you can track the detailed status report of the employees with their working status and leave record. The present filters can help you get quick results.



PSVHR_Manage_usersManage Users
User management is the fundamental requirement in HR responsibility. PSV HR offers a feature to manage your users/employees. From their birthdate to system number, to essential personal details, to their leave management, you can keep a record of all the important stuff.


Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool does not provide mobile accessibility.


It allows integration with G-Suite, MS Outlook, MS Excel, Dropbox, and Apple iCal.


Online support is available. Besides, you can send an email to connect with the team.

Pros and Cons of PSV HR


  • Team contacts import.
  • Employee files at one place.
  • Can follow team members to receive associated notifications.


  • There should be an option of adding a new user from settings.
  • Support can be made stronger.


With the capabilities of PSV HR, a user or manager can effortlessly run HR functionalities such as staff management, time off tracking, company messaging, and employee self-service. The best part is, you can pay for what you want.

For more details, please visit PSVHR website.

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