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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Which Color Fancies You the Most…???

Which-Color-Fancies-You-the-MostWhat catches our attention, when we first see something…..???

The quality of the item..??? No…..

It’s goodness…??? No again…..

Then what makes us attracted to a particular thing..???

The appearance…YES..!!! The appearance the COLOR of a particular product, its Logo, its presentation, makes us look at it immediately, this very well explains how important the color scheme is for marketing the product.

It is very crucial for any company to promote their product in a way that instantly caters viewer’s attention. So, let’s have a look at the important color selection strategy required for marketing:

Feel The Color

The mood, the Emotion, the Image, the Feel that a brand creates can persuade the person to choose that brand. So, colors of the product should be such that matches with the personality of the brand. Every color has a different definition and attracts a particular set of spectators, so while choosing a color for a product the user preferences must be taken care of. Following is the list of colors and the feeling arose in their viewer:

Red-Power, Love, Aggression, Fear, Survival, Strength

Yellow-Energy, Cheerful, Caution

Blue-Security, Integrity, Tranquility, Peace

Orange-Comfort, Warmth, Shelter, Freedom

Pink-Hope, Love, Care, Compassion, Nurture, Understanding, Sensitivity, Immature

Black- Sophistication, Seriousness, Control, Independence

White-Purity, Innocence, Cleanliness, Peace

Green-Freshness, Environmental, joyous

Purple –Spirituality and luxury

So, always chose your color wise.

Reader Specific

Though color attracts men and women equally, but there are colors that appeal more to women than to men and vice versa. And this the reason the marketing team should always keep in mind the targeted audience. So, if the product is designed for a woman it must have feminine colors like pink, red, blue, purple, green. If it for man colors like brown, yellow black, green, blue must be used. These colors instantly gather their respective viewer and hence helps in sales.

Color Contrast

Contrasting colors are those that stands asunder to each other. This makes the text and the background differentiable. Mainly, dark colors complement with bright colors this is the reason most books are written on white background with black text. Yellow and Green have light values and thus are difficult to read. Generally, light text on dark background and light background and dark text are used as is easily readable. Designers use low contrast as it looks beautiful, but is not readable so an amalgamation of LOW and HIGH contrast is ideal for any marketing design.

The Bottom Line

The main aim of the article was to make you aware of the COLOR scheme to be used in marketing so that your product always catches viewer’s attention. So, choose your color smartly and make your website look beautiful all the time.

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