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Monday , June 24 2024

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OriginApp Changing the Way to Communicate

OriginApp-Changing-the-way-to-CommunicateCommunication has experienced a lot of changes in the past few years and with recent advancement in technology. The major idea behind the origin of OriginApp is changing the way people communicate via technology.

The team behind the project observed the manner in which people communicate and found out that people prefer emails and phone calls before the social channels for communication. As communication plays a vital role in industries, they thought to develop a product that can change the way people communicate.


How it works

The app is currently available for users in India, the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and the UK. Users need to download the app into their mobile devices and verify their contact number. They can create their profiles from the predefined templates. Users can make changes into their profiles and update their profiles as needed and as the condition changes such as- change in work location. The users also get updates when their contacts make changes into their profiles. The app also helps users to manage contact from the Google app or any other communication apps. Some of the exciting features of the app are:

Active Status
Users of the app can choose from the status available from the options such as Available, Urgent Calls Only, and, Do Not Disturb (DND). These status’s lets the potential callers know the availability situation of the person and the best time to communicate.

Deeper Search
Users can also search contact based on the profile details created. Contacts can be searched based on filters such as profession, company name or any other filters apart from regular search based on contact names.

This feature is similar to Facebook’s poke. It is just another feature to ping people, to grab attention.

Story so far

OriginApp is an application that was cofounded by Pramod Ghorpade and Dinesh Kumar. The startup currently has a strong team of 17 people. The idea behind seeding the project arrived when the two of them were having discussions over coffee that how the communication has changed the process of work in industries as well as into our personal lives.

The team then observed the already existing projects that work in the field of telecommunication realizing that Truecaller was the biggest player that covers billions of contacts all over the globe. But still, OriginApp proved itself to be one of these giants offering some of the distinguishing features such as the Call notes that appear to the receiver during a call and availability status to start a conversation.

Room for Improvement

With almost all the features working in harmony, the team believes that the feature “HIYA” can be misused to disturb people intentionally. The team, therefore, plans to restrict this feature so that users cannot annoy fellow users all the time pinging them.

The Bottom Line

Smartphones have undoubtedly changed the way people communicate. OriginApp is trying to modify the way people try to talk with them. The project aims to help users build their identity digitally taking the process of communication to a different level.

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