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Friday , May 24 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Hotjar

crm-tools-product-review-hotjarThe contemporary business world is full of websites and service providers. Your customers have several options to choose from in order to avail the product or service that you are providing. To get ahead in the race, it is imperative to deliver an excellent and comfortable experience to the users and ensure that your passive website visitors become active customers. This track calls for identification of customer demands and trends, analytics of website activity, and gathering of customer feedback.

Hotjar is an online CRM tool for small business an all-inclusive Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool that lets you analyze the user activity on your site, present the prevailing trends and helps you collect the customer feedback, all with minimal efforts and workload.

The tool helps you to track the client movement on your website via visitor recordings. The record of the pointer movement and clicks of the visitors are used to pinpoint the hot areas on your page. You can also detect the areas or pages that usually make your customers leave the website.

Editions and Pricing

The tool offers three different packages with each organization package including unlimited sites and users.

Business Plus Basic
For Small/Medium Businesses and Enterprise For low traffic sites and early stage startups A limited plan for students and enthusiasts
From $ 89 per month $ 29 per month FREE
From 20,000 to 2,000,000 page views per day 10,000 page views per day 2,000 page views per day
Unlimited number of items, snapshots, and recordings Unlimited number of items, snapshots, and recordings Manage up to 3 heatmaps, funnels, forms, polls, and surveys; 300 recordings
Data storage for one year Data storage for six months Data storage for three months
Remove Hotjar branding

Both the Business and Plus editions offer 15-day free trial without any requirement of credit card information. The tool also claims to provide a 30-day money back guarantee if the users are not 100% satisfied. All the Hotjar accounts consist of ‘agency’ functionality. The pricing is done per organization and not by some sites. You can also add clients’ sites to your account as separate ‘organizations’ for which you pay a discounted price of $ 9 per month for each team that you add.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Hotjar_setupHotjar Setup
Setting up hotjar for your website is pretty easy. All you need to do is provide the link to your site and copy-paste the generated tracking code into the <head> tag of every page on your site that you want to track. As soon as you all paste code, you’re all set to begin analyzing the user activity.


The tool provides comprehensive and visual analysis of the activity on your site’s pages. The tool highlights the behavior of users’ taps, clicks, and pointer scrolling. You can quickly identify the hottest areas of your site and proceed with the necessary actions to improve the customer engagement. You can download and share the heat maps quickly.



Hotjar_RecordingsVisitor Recordings
The tool completely eradicated the need to guess the user activity by providing recordings of the visitors on your web pages. It selects a sample of visitors and records their pointer movement, clicks, taps, and scrolling activities and presents the videos of the same. The analyst can take notes, put tags and share these recordings at their discretion.



Hotjar_ConversionFunnelsConversion Funnels
The tool delivers a complete analysis of where your customers stop using your websites. These can probably be the problematic pages or steps that need to be edited to maintain customer engagement and let them proceed further.




Hotjar_FormAnalyticsForm Analytics
This feature allows you to increase the online form filling activity on your website. It displays the fields that take a long time to be filled, fields that the users prefer to leave blank and the areas that ultimately make the users exit the site before submitting the forms. The drop-off and submission statistics are broadly furnished.



Hotjar_FeedbackFeedback Polls
The most efficient way to improve the reach of your business is to act on your customer’s feedback. The tool lets you put specific short questions to your clients on the websites or mobile sites. Hotjar presents the data on these feedback polls in visual and well-defined analysis reports further reducing the workload and increasing productivity.



You can get to know your customers even better by building your responsive studies using an easy editor. These surveys can pop up when the user is leaving your site, or the links can also be dissipated via e-mails and other means. The responses can be collected in real-time, and the objections and concerns of your customers can be easily filtered and analyzed.




Hotjar_RecruitTestersRecruit User Testers
You can quickly hire your user testers. The details of the users can be collected and are presented in an orderly manner. You can select the best profiles for research and testing, contact them and provide a gift in exchange for their engagement. The widget of the same is easily customizable.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool works well on the mobile browser and can present widgets on the mobile sites of the users. The mobile app is not yet available.


The tool provides tight integrations with Optimizely and Hubspot. A user can easily export the analysis reports, feedback polls, and survey data, as well as the visitor recordings with this tool.


The tool provides support via an online query form. It also consists of the document on the website which comprehensively contains all the details. The tool also provides steps guide to follow them effectively while using it.  A visual tour of the device is provided to understand the entire process. A very detailed action plan is provided to eliminate all doubts and complexities.

Pros and Cons of Hotjar


  • Cost-effective tool.
  • The tool includes customizable widgets.
    The features are well explained on the website to eliminate any doubts.
  • The ideal combination of analysis and feedback features.


  • The tool does not support single-page apps running frameworks such as AngularJS.
  • Unavailability of a mobile app.

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Hotjar effectively combines the analytics and feedback features to let you understand the users’ behavior as well the associated reasons. The tool provides superior features at an affordable price which is made possible through a proprietary sampling engine that lets the tool analyze the activity of the most important users if the traffic exceeds the maximum limit of the package.

For more details, please visit hotjar website.

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