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Friday , May 24 2024

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skedool-it-scheduling-your-business-intelligentlySkedool is a fantastic product that was started by Deepti Yenireddy and Naveen Verma Alluri (IIT Madras alumni). The sole motive behind this project was to cut down the time that was required in scheduling the daily business activities.

The startup was launched in March 2015, with a motive to automate the everyday repetitive tasks for sales and recruiting professionals, business executives, etc. The idea came up to Deepti while she was working as an investor. She realized that she spent a lot of time in scheduling business activities. This task was not only slow and repetitive, but also, is unproductive. It can be rather replaced by a work that can add value to business.


The tool Skedool is a perfect blend of Human and Artificial Intelligence. It aims to quickly and accurately resolve all B2B scheduling and calendar management needs only with a 5% of the cost of a full-time executive assistant.

How it Works

The application Skedool uses machine learning and natural language processing. Humans supervise it to enable customers to communicate with the service via email. This method works just as people sends emails to their assistants for creating schedules for them. Skedool currently works with Gmail and Outlook 365. The application also integrates with CRM, marketing, and recruiting tools.

It is also not necessary for the user to install an additional app for this. Skedool works with an AI assistant called Alex. You can change the name of this assistant in the premium version of the tool. To use Skedool, the user does not need to install an app, rather; they only need to share their calendar with Alex with a mention about some specifications, such as preferred meeting places, important contacts such as emails or phone numbers, etc.

Alex is taking the lead, will take care of all communications, back and forth with the client, depending on your specifications and preferences. The virtual assistant uses LinkedIn and Google maps to consider proximity and time zones while arranging appointments. Alex also shares a daily summary and follows up on outstanding meetings as well.

The startup only charges $100 per user per month. The startup did not face struggles to generate revenue since right from the beginning, they started made a fair amount of tax and have enjoyed rapid customer and revenue traction ever since then.

The Bottom Line

The Skedool service is currently available for customers in the US and Europe. The charges may rise for services like integration with the client’s CRM or other marketing tools. The founders are also putting forth all their efforts in further developing the tool. They are joining in more technical talents from the alumni of IIT Madras. They believe as skilled people unite the team, Skedool will get better with time.

The company looks forward to raising another round of funding this year to include more people in the core team, and also to scale up the operations.

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