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Friday , April 19 2024

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Top Business intelligence Tools Product Review – Idearium

bi-tools-product-review-ideariumIdearium is one of the top business intellegence tool which is also a Business Innovation software application that you can use for your organization. The application offers features and capabilities to add and share ideas and challenges to better track your workflow.

Reporting and analytics features also help in your decision-making process. The tool can be an excellent BI solution gathering data from day to day activities and helps in data visualization and analysis.


Editions and Pricing

The Idearium product plans are as under:

More than 500 users,

Startup Up to 50 users

€190 per month

Pro Up to 100 users €340 per month
Plus Up to 200 users €660  per month
Enterprise Up to 300 users €960 per month
Elite Up to 400 users €1240 per month
Elite Plus Up to 500 users €1490per month
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Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Idearium-AddDepartmentsThe Departments
The departments in this tool are used to manage your users and KPI’s. The tool lets you add your organization’s departments. Also, when they are created, you can edit them later.




Idearium-AddAreasofInnovationAdd Areas of Innovation
This feature adds as a key point in idearium. It is best to add 4 to 8 areas of Innovation. These areas of innovation align to the areas of interest of your organization.



Idearium-AddLocationsAdd Location
The add site lets you connect and communicate with people on Idearium. This feature makes it easy for you to identify where your colleagues are located. You can add your organization’s locations here.



Idearium-DefineSystemFlowIdeasDefine System Flow ideas
This feature lets you set and better manage the flow of innovation inside your organization. This area allows you to choose the rule which better fits within your organization. However, the Full innovation system is recommended.



Idearium-Dashboard The Dashboard
After you go through some setup steps, you are directed to your dashboard that displays some sections such as:


  • News
  • Ideas
  • Challenges, and
  • Active Ideas

These areas can also be accessed by single clicks on the dashboard through direct shortcut icons on the upper panel of the screen.

This area of the application also allows you to create new entries. This also provides a menu to go to:

  • Home Page
  • Wall
  • News
  • Rewards
  • Messages
  • Profile
  • Your Log, and
  • Log Out

Create New Ideas
You can create your ideas through “Create New Ideas” section. You can add details such as:

  • Title of the Idea
  • Text on the Idea (with formatting features)
  • Privacy (Public, Private or Anonymous)
  • Area of innovation (Select from the list of sectors you added during the setup)
  • Subarea
  • Upload files in support (You can upload files that support your idea)
  • Save as Draft or Publish (You can save as Draft or Publish Your Idea as per your preferences )

The Dashboard of Ideas: The Dashboard of Ideas is a section that offers summary about the ideas that are created, saved as a draft, published, Accepted, or, rejected.


Idearium-CreateAChallengeCreate New Challenges
This section lets you create new challenges for your organization. This section allows you to add details about problems such as:

  • Title
  • Text
  • Privacy (Public or Private)
  • Departments (Select from the list)
  • Areas of Innovation (Select from the list)
  • Awards Points
  • Deadline, and
  • File attachments

The challenges can be saved as the draft or publish a challenge.

Idearium-CommitteeDashboardThe Committee Dashboard
This section of the application displays the people that are associated with the account. Committee members here can see the updates about their ideas.


Other features include Notifications, Analysis, and Reporting, etc. Availability of the features may depend on upon the plans you avail and configurations for the nature of your business.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on the mobile platform, i.e. on the Android and iOS operating systems. And this makes it easy to work with Idearium on the go.


Idearium integrates with some platforms to collaborate and bring together people who can contribute collectively to the projects across the organization.


As soon as you create your account on this application, a help section is offered by Idearium within the account; you can post your queries and ask for instant help right inside the application.

Pros and Cons of Idearium


  • Dedicated dashboards to better manage Ideas and Challenges as well as Committee details.
  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.


  • The help section cannot be found once it is closed in the beginning.
  • The Committee dashboard lacks direct links to invite people to collaborate.

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  • Both the features of Collaboration as well as Business Intelligence in a single application.
  • Dedicated dashboards for all features.
  • Notifications and Visual reports make it easy to operate and manage.

For more details, please visit Idearium website.

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