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Friday , April 12 2024

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Top Email Tools for small medium business product review – ReplyUp


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Emails have been a traditional business communication platform. With time, they have become a significant and habitual asset of the firm. They perform our professional and sometimes personal work in a disciplined manner. However, often emails get messy when dealing with large customer base with a scenario of transmitting a universal message.

ReplyUp a top email tool for small medium business has solved this issue without changing the platform. You can now achieve email composition using relay within Gmail only, which facilitates targeting general audience. The tool sends customized follow-up emails to your recipients until they answer. Furthermore, the smart app pauses the follow-ups right after you receive a response.

Additionally, you can form personalized message for your targeted customers saving them as templates for using the same message whenever you need. The tool also offers an option for sending bulk emails to a long list. It does not stop here; you can even track your follow-ups and actions performed on them. So, start following up today with ReplyUp because with such an automatic features, you can close more sales by improving your performance, and gaining maximized efficiency.

Editions and Pricing

Forever Free Plan $0 user/month 50 follow-up/month
Unlimited Plan $12 user/month Unlimited follow-up/month
Custom Plan Contact team Contact team

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_replyup_customize_follow_upsCustomized Follow-ups
ReplyUp presents you a platform where you can create follow-up emails with your specific content. These are customized follow-ups you can use while sending emails to a particular bunch of people for a common reason. Whenever composing an email, select suitable follow up with a click and your message is ready to fly.


For contacting a large number of persons, you can utilize the import function. It allows you upload connection file, to which it sends follow-ups on your behalf. Specifically, it can be used for connecting to big marketing campaigns.




Your customized follow-ups save under templates section. Since models compose for over and over use, you can leverage them for sharing a universal message. For instance, you can send a predefined follow-up from templates to a list of customers regarding a new offer. Moreover, these are accessible directly from the mail account. These automated follow-ups will be sent until the recipient reply to the message.


Track your sent emails and their status here. Though the ReplyUp window, you can easily see who read your email, and the action imposed on it including whether it has forwarded, replied, delivered, clicked, opened, and response rates. This app also provides values you can manage for the message action from pause, active, completed and others.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, ReplyUp is not having a dedicated mobile version of the app. However, you can use from the mobile browser.


ReplyUp provides integration with Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange.


It has help center (knowledgebase) consisting of FAQ and other common queries.

Pros and Cons of ReplyUp


  • Straightforward and short options.
  • Import CSV option is helpful for long lists of a customer.
  • You can keep track of sent messages.
  • The user can set desired period for next follow-up.


  • Only one follow–up under free account.
  • Active button seems de-active, user-friendly interface needed.
  • It does not check for the same name.

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ReplyUp provides a quick, easy, and automated method to follow-up on emails of a user. It is best suitable for email sequence. Concisely, you can leverage the tool for boosting you work pipelines and closing business goals with ReplyUp’s follow up emails.

For more details, please visit ReplyUp website.

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