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Monday , June 24 2024

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Best CRM For Small Business 2020 Product Review- Freshdesk

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Freshdesk is a very powerful cloud based Customer relationship Management (CRM) tool  & is one of the best CRM for small business that offers an influential solution for customer service. Freshdesk unifies all the conversations received via Email, chats, telephone, web or any other social channels and accordingly helps in resolving any issue or query through different channels without any difficulty. The tool also allows its users to automate their workflow management system, thereby serving the most suitable self service options, managing the service level agreement (SLA) and generating reports.

Freshdesk software is loaded with multiple collaboration tools that assist the internal teams in examining the framework of the raised issues and accordingly resolving it. It serves a ticket to its users and accordingly collaborates with them to resolve their issues. Overall, it helps in reducing the customer frustration through their prompt notification facility and ticket updates.

Editions and Pricing of the Fresh Desk software

Fresh Desk offers a free version and a free trial to its prospective customers. Apart from their free trial version, all the additional pricing details for the Fresh Desk software are mentioned below:


Monthly Pricing



A Free Trial offer for unlimited agents


$ 15 per agent per month billed annually


$ 29 per agent per month billed annually


$ 49 per agent per month billed annually


$ 109 per agent per month billed annually

Apart from this Fresh Desk does provide some additional packages available with the service providers. It is entirely influenced by the prices quoted by the software vendors and service providers.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features of Freshdesk software:

Advanced Ticketing: This feature helps in addressing all the customer conversation without missing them. IT automatically converts all the incoming Emails into support tickets.


Omni channel helpdesk: This feature allows its users to upgrade from the current inbox to an omni channel ticketing system. The Omni Channel helpdesk provides contextual support through email, phone calls, live chat and social presence, all within one since tool.


Reporting feature: The in-built report feature of Fresh desk software allows its users to track the performance of all the team members, examine the customer satisfaction level and categorize the most significant bottlenecks.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available for the mobile platforms such as all IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Also, the application also work on cloud based and SaaS platform.



Freshdesk provides email support ensuring the quickest response time of one business day. They also extend their valuable services through live chat and other social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in. It converts the applications or requests received via Email, phone, and live chat etc. thereby unifying ticket resolution through multiple channels.


Freshdesk has integration with different tools and application. Some of them are:

  • Facebook
  • Sugar CRM
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Tools
  • Zoho CRM
  • FreshPlugs, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Freshdesk Software

  • Freshdesk’s live chats and follow up zoom calls helps in resolving the quarries promptly.  
  • IT is available free of cost.
  • Their new user interface is very simple and easy to navigate
  • It can easily be combined with other custom domains so as to provide a flawless customer experience.
  • It is very easy to tag and reassign the work to other team mates
  • Their mobile app works really well and can easily be synced with other platforms.
  • Its free plan also comes with multiple exceptional features.
  • One can easily customize its queue view
  • The users find the ticket merging tool a bit difficult and confusing to use.
  • It automatically merges the tickets generated from the same customer.
  • IT automatically saves all its filters
  • The users find it challenging to configure the tool that creates the list of receivers and it is also not that intuitive
  • It turns out to be expensive the moment when the company starts to grow, and more users start getting affiliated with it.
  • Some activities cannot be performed in the API.
  • Their service catalog does not provide a complete and easy admin support.
Key Differentiators of Fresh Desk software:

Below mentioned are some of the key differentiators that make this one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  for small business unique from the other related ones.

  • Workgroups
  • Time and Reports
  • Sites
  • Sales and Centre

For further details, please visit the Freshdesk website and get all the insights about this wonderful Search Engine optimization software.

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