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Monday , June 24 2024

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Cloud Based CRM Systems For Small Business Product Review: Zendesk

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Zendesk which is considered as the best crm for SMB is a highly advanced CRM application that adds value to the customer support. It helps you keep your customers happy. Not only internal, but the application is also strong enough to support its internal customers, that is, its employees. The application is dedicated to make the overall customer experience good.    

Editions and Pricing

Zendesk offers plans for all types of users. Its paid plans start at just $5 per agent. Below are further details.


Zendisk Suite


Track,  prioritize and resolve support tickets

Frictionless Omni channel support

Personalized approach to corporate customers

$5 to $199

$89 and $149

Contact for pricing


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The Dashboard

The first screen that appears in front of the user when he or she creates an account is the dashboard. It gives a direct access to areas such as get started (support section), views, reporting, and admin panel. All these options are present on the left panel and can be accessed by a single click. The dashboard also allows you to add new items. This can be done by clicking on the “+Add” button on the top left corner.


Organizing Tickets

The views option present in the left panel of the tool can be helpful. These allow the user to manage their tickets. It gives a list of unsolved tickets, unassigned tickets, recently updated tickets, new tickets in the group, pending tickets, and much more. These can be managed by simply clicking on the options from the left panel. The window also shows you a list of unsolved tickets with details such as Subject, Requester, Requested, Type, and Priority.  


Responding to a Ticket

The view section displays a list of unresolved tickets that can be resolved easily. This can be done by simply clicking on the link which will open an option to send a public reply or an internal note. You can type the response in this section to the customer for engagement.


Adding User

You can easily add users into the application by clicking on the “+Add” button on the top left corner. This will open a new window where you have to fill details such as Name, Email, and Role of the user you want to add. The role can be one from the end-user, agent, or administrator. The Add button at this screen will add the user to the tool.


Creating Tickets

Once a user has been added,  they can see all their relevant details such as role, access rights, email, tags, organizations, language, and time zones. The right pane of the window shows details of the tickets such as ID, Subject, Requested, Updated, Group, and Assignee. New tickets can be added here by clicking on the “+New Ticket” option on the top right corner of the window.


External Integration

Integrates with social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.



  • Videos
  • Product Support
  • Library
  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Customer Stories
  • Email
  • Call
  • Live chat


Pros and Cons

  • Reliable
  • Highly responsive through guides and media channels
  • Effective guest management
  • The user interface is not attractive.
  • Lack of personal training sessions
  • The support ticking feature makes it stand out from the rest.

For more details, please visit the Zendesk website.

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