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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Best HR management Tools Product Review- Betterteam


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Betterteam is one of the best hr management  tool that is designed for individuals and small teams. This efficient tool is designed to ease the hiring process having the simple interface and advanced technology. You can manage multiple accounts and track your applicants using this amazing platform. Integrating with more than 50 job posting websites, Betterteam makes it easy for you to manage your hiring process.


The platform helps you post jobs on more than 100 job boards, manage applications in place, screening candidates and hiring them. You no longer need tedious copy and paste or multiple logins. The application efficiently replaces emails and spreadsheets with a beautiful, easy to use, web-based tracking system.

Betterteam has years of hard-on recruiting knowledge baked in, working perfectly on desktop and mobile platforms, putting 150 million candidates and a powerful hiring tool at your fingertips. Join 2,000 companies through Betterteam to hire great people in no time.

Editions and Pricing

The application is available free for seven days and after that, it charges $199 a month for 3 active job postings and $299 per month for 10 active job postings.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

betterteam-creatingthejobpostCreating the Job Posts and Career Pages
You can create your first job post by entering details such as Job Title, City, and State of Job Location, Postal Code, Job Type (Part time/ Full Time/ Contract/ Commission only/ Internship/ Temporary). Here you can also use an already written job description or create a new one. After the description is done, you can add further details about



  • Education Level or Degree
  • License and Certifications
  • Additional Language, or
  • Available Work Schedule

This section also allows you to add additional work requirements such as experience areas with years of experience. You can also create your own career pages through simple methods with Betterteam.

betterteam-amplyfyingthejobpostingsAmplifying the Job Postings
If you find it challenging to manage and post job openings on multiple job boards, Betterteam can do it for you. Now you do not need to manage multiple ads across job boards with multiple accounts. Betterteam helps to post your job online and buy discounted premium job ads on Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, SimplyHired and more. Betterteam does this by automatically selecting the best board for each job. Additionally, the platform allows notes to be left on applications.



betterteam-usesimpleapplicanttrackingsystemUse Simple Applicant Tracking System
The simple applicant tracking system will replace your confusing and challenging emails and spreadsheets. This amazing application is specially designed for individuals and small teams who want an all-in-one recruiting software. Along with the application tracking system, the tool also has a job ad builder helping you reach more eligible candidates.


Mobile Friendly
Betterteam works smoothly on mobile devices making your work flexible. With this feature, you can always keep a track on your job postings, applicants, and their status anywhere and anytime.


betterteam-addajobboardAdd a Job Board to Your Website Without Coding
Now you will never miss a candidate resume or an email again. With Betterteam, accept applications and keep track of all your candidates, emails, and notes even without building special codes for them. The platform uses drag and drops features with beautiful templates and mobile-ready application.




betterteam-betterteamwritesjobads Betterteam Writes Job Ads for You
This is probably the only platform where you do not need to type your job postings every time. Instead, Betterteam will write them for you. The point and click job ad builder creates professional and persuasive job ads in minutes. Other than Betterteam posts jobs to more than 100 boards with a few clicks.



Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. This feature makes it more preferable than its competitors being handy even out of work area.


Betterteam integrates with a number of platforms on which you can share your job postings. Some of them are:

  • Simply Hired
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Careerbuilder
  • Monster
  • Indeed
  • Up work


Betterteam offers comprehensive support to all its users. The support includes:

  • Hiring Process Guide
  • Job Description Templates and Examples
  • Online Chat support
  • Job Advertising Guide
  • Product Tour

Pros and Cons of Betterteam


  • Connected with more than 50 job-posting sites.
  • Easy to implement and use.
  • No additional coding required.
  • Makes it easy to post your job to many boards at once, and track the applicants in one place.
  • Just as easy to use on mobile as desktop.
  • Notes can be left directly on applications.
  • Post jobs on your own website with zero coding knowledge.
  • Applicant tracking system is simple and elegant.
  • Job ad builder helps you write job posts.


Integrations with cloud platform would have made the process simpler as managers could directly pull in details from their One Drive and Google Drive accounts.

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  • Flexible platforms to build an efficient team.
  • Single platform to post job openings on multiple channels.
  • Mobile application is top notch. Offers same features and usability as a desktop version.
  • Less expensive than similar products.
  • Posts to major job boards, including Indeed, helping us reach 5x more applicants than the product’s biggest competitors’.
  • Helps users create job postings that attract more high-quality applicants.
  • The trial doesn’t start until applicants come in, and is longer than Betterteam’s biggest competitors’.

Betterteam is built by people having deep knowledge of recruiting. The team’s co-founder has recruited for Google, Coca- cola, Atlassian, Bigcommerce and other companies in critically competitive spaces.

For more details, please visit Betterteam website.

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