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Thursday , July 2 2020

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HR Tools Product Review- Pipeline

HR-Tools-Product- review-pipeline

Pipeline is an online hr platform that matches tech sales talent with sales positions in top technical companies. It was developed by Pipeline Labs in Newtown, United States. Pipeline allows companies to look for experienced tech sales professionals according to tenure and industry so that they can quickly find the …

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HR Tools Product Review- Lever

HR-Tools-Product-review- Lever

With technology covering almost everything under its umbrella, nearly all the business processes have gone digital. Businesses are going digital for even their Human Resource process. There are many products out in the market to carry out such tasks, one of them is Lever. Lever pulls your entire recruitment process …

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HR Tools Product Review- Hivy

HR-Tools-Product-review- Hivy

Office Management usually has been a messy task and a complicated one too. It is vital to have a seamless workflow so to turn the inputs assets into growth measures in an organization. Why not start with the employees of the company since they are the most invaluable assets to …

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HR Tools Product Review- CovertHR

HR-Tools-Product- review-CovertHR

Human resource (HR) is a vital part of any business that can’t be overlooked. Employee management plays as important role as customer satisfaction for the productivity goals. Whether it is new hiring or it is retaining the current employees, their engagement with your business directly affects the productivity. CovertHR is …

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HR management system software Product Review- Heyscale

HR-Tools-Product- review-heyscale

Keeping communication with all the colleagues is now at a distance of a few clicks. Heyscale is one of the best HR management system software brings the facility to make important announcements, upcoming deadlines, and milestones which improve operational effectiveness of your team. It is so quick and efficient for …

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top HR software product Review- BlinkEval

HR-Tools-Product- review-Blinkeval

BlinkEval is one of the top hr software also a staff performance management system that provides real time performance feedback of individual employees. BlinkEval is a Chicago based company founded in 2015. It addresses the common challenges that the existing performance review processes face like infrequent feedback (which normally occurs …

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Online HR Tools Product Review- actiTime

BI Tools Product review- actiTime

Tracking time, managing deadlines, setting the email reminders, better and simple user management, these are some of the challenges every business faces regularly. Therefore, many firms have now started adopting time management tools to simplify these processes. actiTime is one such online HR tool which efficiently manages almost all time …

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Top HR Tools Product Review- Sleekr

HR-Tools-Product- review-Sleekr

As a small business owner, you would rather focus on your business than employee management. But, it does not mean that you overlook in-premises activities, you should keep employee interaction since human resource management plays vital role in your business growth particularly in small businesses. It should be regulated to …

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HR management Tools Product Review- ZoomShift

HR-Tools-Product-review- zoomshift

There are several workplaces where the count of employees is more and work is done on shift basis. In such cases scheduling the employee’s shift plays a vital role to manage the employees. ZoomShift comes into action at these places. It allows you to schedule the timings and shifts online, …

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Social powered HR


Social media has evolved the way of Human resources for the reason, it provides plenty of information that needed to be considered for the right Human resources operations. Whether it is talent acquisition, recruiting or employee engagement with the company, social channels pave the way for HR to be pro-active. …

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