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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Product Review – Trakstar

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Trakstar is a cloud hosted, web-based Human Resource Management (HRM) software that is specially created to help the HR team to evaluate the performance of the employees, managing the organizational goals, and conduct the overall planning and feedback generation. It is an easy to use employee evaluation software that can be operated by anyone. It has the proficiency and the tools to tackle the complete procedure involved in performance appraisal. Also, it provides assistance in reviewing the performance of the employees, goal management, and planning. It helps in getting all the intricate details related to the performance of each employee and goals to determine how it will affect the organization.


Editions and Pricing

Trakstar offers a free trial to its prospective customers. It provides a price calculator on their website so as to determine the exact annual fees for the specific number of employees.

Plans Monthly Pricing
Starting at $4370 annually


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Appraisal Management

It provides assistance in reviewing the performance of the employees, goal management, and planning. It helps in getting all the intricate details related to the performance of each employee and goals so as to determine how it will affect the organization. Organizations can evaluate the capabilities of employees on the basis of specific questions and accordingly rate each appraisal.





Making Notes

Users can easily create their own notes by using its My notes feature. They can add notes dedicated to a particular employee and post it at the standard dashboard so that the concerned person get to know what exactly is expected of him from the task in case if the administrator is not present in office that particular day.





Engagement and feedback feature

This feature allows the management to take an integrated approach towards gathering the feedback from both internal and external authorities, thereby getting to know their opinion about the organization as a whole. They can also understand the overall engagement level of the employees and ways to improve it if necessary.




Additional Features

  • Automates all the operation related tasks
  • Offers a strong file sharing option
  • Offers pre-designed templates, content, or libraries
  • Offers multiple analytics tools
  • Offers a centralized dashboard to all its users
  • Offers visualization tools



  • Email Support
  • Business Hours
  • Online

Mobile Accessibility

The application is not available for downloading on any mobile devices. Therefore, you can use the software on web-based, cloud, and SaaS platforms.

External Integration

Trakstar integrates with applications and business systems such as:

  • OneLogin
  • G Suite
  • Okta Identity management

Pros and Cons


  • Ability to send multiple automated reminders to all the participants, thereby asking to make notes or send feedback on a regular basis.
  • Ability to automatically generate the analysis process, which otherwise is a labor intensive process.
  • Ability to let the management keep a close watch on each individual employee, thereby making the performance review process hassle free.
  • IT is very simple to use.


  • Sometimes the administrators get confused while creating the reviews, especially when they have not set up the system prior.
  • Although it sends multiple reminders to the employees, yet, they are no longer interested in engaging themselves with the organizational system.
  • The dashboard feature is not as per the new version.
  • Their reporting feature is not that robust.

Key Differentiators

It is an easy to use software from the point of view of a reviewer. It immediately provides information to the users about the company’s performance.

For further details, please visit the Trakstar website.



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