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Sunday , July 14 2024

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TriNet PEO Review

Professional Employer Organisations or PEOs are service providers that help businesses with their outsourced human resource needs. PEOs typically perform various employee administration tasks such as payroll, benefits, and management on behalf of the hiring company.

According to our expert analysis, TriNet PEO is the best PEO service provider for specialised industries. The proprietary PEO platform provides vertical customisation and industry-first expert support teams. TriNet can take care of several business administration tasks such as employee benefits administration, payroll processing, worker’s compensation insurance, risk management and compliance, retirement plans, and training resources. Unlike most PEO service providers who provide you with a team of experts who coordinate your services, TriNet provides you with a team of experts who not only specialise in HR but also have considerable years of experience in your industry. Thus, targeted assistance is the key factor of TriNet. Additionally, the company is accredited by Employer Service Assurance Corporation (ESAC) and is certified by the IRS. Following is a comprehensive review of TriNet, including its pros and cons.

Pricing Policy

TriNet has a very simplified pricing policy where they charge on a per-employee basis. The company also allows you to generate a customised PEO agreement and specific pricing amounts are unique to the services you choose in your plan.

Moreover, the company does not force you into buying a long-term contract. Instead, they will create contract terms based on your needs, and the payment can be completed on an ongoing basis. The only condition is that you provide a 30-day written notice. However, failure to do so might incur cancellation charges. TriNet provides a lot of flexibility in its pricing policy and feature selection. However, a few features are bundled and will come with every package bought. These include access to payroll, risk mitigation, employee benefits, HR, and a technology platform. Such a feature bundling process assures that the customers get a full-service experience.

Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, the company provides a package that is very customisable and flexible. The highlighted feature of providing industry-specific services makes it one of the most intuitive service offerings in the PEO field. Furthermore, the company provides you with expert HR services as well. This means that getting yourself up and running on the company platform is not a challenging task, and you can also access a wealth of information about the best HR practices for your future endeavours.

Moreover, the pay per employee policy is a game-changer for small businesses as it makes predicting costs for the future simple and budget estimations more accurate. The customer support provided by the company is unmatched, and its latest Connect360 allows small businesses to access different information about their plans, policies, payrolls, and benefits in their own time.

The Prime Features

Coming to the features and services provided by the company – it provides extensive premium offerings in HR, employee benefits, payroll, administration, risk management, and compliance. Following are the key offerings and their short descriptions.

  1. HR Administration: it includes full-fledged HR services ranging from handbook development to termination assistance.
  2. Employee Benefits: higher competitive benefits to small business partners as they follow a co-employment model.
  3. Payroll and tax assistance: the company’s online platform is used to make payroll processing and tax administration simple and convenient.
  4. Training and development: a basic learning and management program is provided by the company.

The Process

The process initiates with a sign-up, and you will work closely with the TriNet tech and services specialist to get started with the planned PEO offering. The process is highly simplified and can be improved if you already have all your employee and business information ready.

The TriNet portal integrates all the HR needs in one easy-to-access portal. The credentials to the portal are shared with all the employees. Hence, small adjustments are made seamlessly when required. The portal is designed for businesses to extract the most out of their hired PEO services.

TriNet is ideal for businesses that have industry-specific needs and requires bundled HR services. Moreover, the high flexibility and customisation options make it one of the most appealing service providers in the industry.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the pillars of the company. Like many PEO companies, TriNet provides a team of consultants and experts that help you with your HR needs apart from the basic requirements. However, the customer service of TriNet evidently stands out from the crowd.


TriNet PEO is not devoid of shortcomings and drawbacks like any service provider. The service provider cannot be the ideal fit for every business. Some of the visible shortcomings include cost and feature selection. Though the service provider is very flexible in its services, the features are provided in bundles and are to be bought as a whole. As a result, you might be paying for features that you might not need or want. Hence, bundling of features might drive up the costs for certain businesses. Additionally, TriNet requires a minimum of five workers to avail of its services. Businesses will undeniably have to skip an excellent PEO service provider due to a minor caveat.

Final Word

TriNet PEO is an excellent service provider that can effectively address all your business needs. It is clearly a good recommendation for businesses that are new and require flexible pricing policies. Businesses that are in need of industry-specific guidance should also opt for it. However, businesses looking for a cheap PEO provider or with less than five employees should look elsewhere.

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